We all have been there, where we risk giving it up only because you cannot stick to them and that’s very human too. Bringing out a solid change in your lifestyle is neither easy nor adaptable. So what to do when it comes to staying fit and healthy? Well we need to understand that staying fit starts with little efforts and pains. So here are some ways to stay and feel younger and stronger.

The morning sipping coffee ritual

Obviously, many of us have this habit of waking us with a coffee in one hand. But this is actually not a good way to wake up your adrenal glands. When you hip them up with coffee, you’re slapping them real hard. Now it’s not that you should give up coffee, but, start it with mixing it with some fat or some coffee butter; so that’s it not just caffeine hitting your stomach.

Have a total of 5 smaller meals

Most of us, believe that we can starve off for one meal, and tend to miss out. But what we do not understand is that skipping one meal makes you ravenous for the next one. So this also reduces stress on your adrenal glands which then prevents you from over eating. So have a total of five meals that includes breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, evening snack and dinner.

Include wheat in your regime

When you’re trying to build up mass, you generally then to avoid eating wheat, because of the carbs you gain. But that sugar in it is going to spike up the levels of your insulin and make you satiated. So include an occasional wheat treat in your meal or snack to stay awake all day.

Replace the 3:00 PM starve with a 2:30 PM snack

So basically, we all experience a dip in our cortisol levels around 3 PM. So that is the time people try to go for a muffin or a candy. But what you need to understand is, that you don’t need to starve of till the clock strikes 3. Have a good snack at 2:30 and the go back to your energy reserve sources.

Relax till you press that TV button of yours

Well, this is the normal human tendency, to sit back and relax with that TV button. But you are not relaxing in your simple room, but you’re harming your body with those inflicted rays. So meditate for some time, rejuvenate your soul, and then relax on your front screen.

Adopt a sleep regime

Insomnia and restlessness is very common these days and so there are a number of sample routines available for you online, to start and adopt with. So have your customised sleep routine.

Like I close all my devices about half an hour before I sleep, read a good book and sleep with some good memories and thoughts in my mind. This helps me to wake up all relaxed and active in the morning.

There are no surgeries and pills required to stay young and feel fresh. The practice starts from you. So have your own fit and healthy routine and stay happy.

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