We often see people spending long hours and lifting excessive weights in gyms primarily for weight loss and instant muscle gain. According to a common myth, increasing the workout time will help you lose weight instantly and build muscles quickly. Well, yes, working out will help you cut those extra fat and burn calories but spending more time in gym will not guarantee that you’ll shed more weight, atleast instantly. Let’s try to bust few myths associated with long workout hours through this article

Myth: Spending more time at gym helps you lose more weight


When you work out you require energy hence your body burn your fat as fuel (apart from carbohydrates). However, over training with a goal of losing weight faster would instead drain your energy levels. After a limit, your body will not be able to take the amount of exhaustion you will be giving and so it will render you helpless and tired. Moreover, putting extra load on muscles during anaerobic workout regime might lead to fatigue as well.

Myth: To increase muscle power, lift excessive weights


The fundamental logic behind working out is to break your muscles. You break them, body rebuilds it, you break them again and body gets to work, again. It requires proteins and rest to repair your muscle. When your body doesn’t get enough time to rest, it is unable to reconstruct your muscles. On the other hand excessive stress due to overtraining might cause a severe tear of muscle which may not be repaired, ever.

Myth: You can eat anything if you are working out


Let us understand it in this way. You have a Ferrari 488 GTB, insanely fast supercar for limitless speed (almost). What would happen to it if you’ll add adulterated bad fuel to it. Will it be upto the mark with its performance? No! It’s the same thing with our body. If you don’t have a check on your diet, your engine, your body is not going to respond to it, no matter how many hours you spend in the gym. So, cut those excessive carbs, sugar, fat to see the effects of your workouts.

Myth: More and same routine makes you lose more weight


When you follow the same routine rigorously for long time (wether gym, or running or aerobics) your body becomes inert to the exercises and stops responding to your workout as it should. It doesn’t mean you change your daily routine of going for a workout but just the pattern and sequence of your exercises.  You need to surprise your body with different exercises and break that monotonous routine. 

You have to remember, you cannot achieve your fitness goals overnight by working out excessively. It’s a gradual process that takes months of time. You need to focus primarily on your diet, perform correct workouts, be consistent with your efforts and everything shall follow!

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