The 31 year old, swimmer who won 28 medals in Olympic game has a perfect routine to stay fit. He not only practices swimming but also does exercise in gym. A balance of diet, exercise and training is what him perfect in his job.

Diet Routine

Breakfast –One bowl of grits

– A five-egg omelet,

– Three slices of French toast sprinkled with sugar

– Two cups of coffee with three chocolate chip pancakes

– Three fried-egg sandwiches with a lot of cheese and mayonnaise

– Fried onions

– Lettuce

Lunch – A pound of pasta with energy drinks giving up to 1000 calories

– Two ham sandwiches with mayonnaise.

Dinner: A large pizza

– A pound of pasta with energy drinks.

Phelps intakes 12000 calories which a normal person cannot intake. He then specifies he also intakes grilled dishes at times.

A regular exercise and training routine is the key point to his success.

Exercises Performed in Gym-

1. Standing Dumbbell Press

2. Dumbbell Front Raise

3. Dumbbell Lateral Shoulder Raise

4. 3 sets of 10-16 reps

5. Compound movements like deadlifts, bench press and squats .

His Training Schedule –

Warm Up- 6 workout sets of 50

1. Free style

2. Side kick style

3. Butterfly swimming drills

4. Pull buoy style

5. 20×100 on 1:15 minutes

6. 25 fly

7. 50 free

8. 25 fly

9. 500 strokes

10. 50 kick

11. 50 free

Main Set-

1. 4×100 IM continuous drill

2. 2000 timed kick stroke

Pulling Set-

1. 4 Speed Sets

2. 10×200 on 3 minutes

3. 24×25 fly on 30 minutes (1-ez drill; 1-no breath, 1-sprint)

The hard work and lots of practice everyday is what it costs for 28 medals and pride for the country. Discipline should always be the prime concern for every person. Discipline in life and working rule.

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