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Our abdomen and buttock plays a vital role in supporting the upper body. It has been noticed that there is a higher chance of contacting chronic knee-joint pain if there is a huge deposition of fat around the stomach, waist and buttocks.

Why ruin our fitness at such a young impressionable age when we can tone up the lower body for keeping our leg joint bones safe all while investing for a toned abdomen and buttocks.

Here are a 6 workouts that can tone up the lower body-

1. Kick Back During Squats

Kick backs during squats provide a firm grip of the lower buttocks that helps with a steady natural buttocks lift. Start off with a regular squat exercise. Then while squatting up, transfer the entire body weight on one leg. Use the other leg to slowly kick back and bring back to position, the kick back stance helps in squeezing the lower buttocks and tightening it upwards. This workout can be performed as 10 counts each rep for individual legs.

In order to keep a balance with the butt lifting, alternate squat back kicks is also suggested, 10 counts on alternate legs.

2. Twisting While Planking

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The method is to not be neither to high or too low on the waist. Low plank twisting requires the body weight to be shifted towards the buttocks area, so let the body shift towards the legs and not the pressure on the shoulders. Stay in plank position for 5 seconds and slowly start twisting your hips from one side to another, keeping entire balance on your toes.

10 counts for 3 reps ensures the waist and hips adipose quantity burns faster and gives a toned abdomen.

3. Squats while Jumping Forward

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Jump squats are what forces the fat off not only the buttock area but also the thighs. We all know that a thick thigh is pretty for a curvy woman. But let us try to make the area thicker and toner with more muscle mass. For this exercise.

Pull the hips back and squat like the regular technique to, making sure the body weight is concentrating on the heels. Before jumping up, put your arms backwards straight so it provides a balance and thrust to jump higher. 10 counts per rep is sufficient for the beginners and you can always increase counts when the body is ready.

4. Floor Bridge (Inclined)

Inclined floor bridges are perfect to workout the hamstrings and abdomen, not to mention, the buttocks. Lie on your back on a foam mat and make sure the knees are bent. Make sure to not lift the heel as the support will be fully needed. The hands should be laid side to side to ensure there is balance on both sides.

Tuck in the lower tummy and raise up your stomach with support from your palms on the mat and keep it raised for about 2 seconds. Cover this work out for 10 counts 2 reps every day and you’ll notice a tighter glutes mass within some weeks.

5. Rolling Plank

Rolling or side to side plank is an easy technique that does not cause any pain from normal planking method. In order to perfect the position, come to your planking position with the arms crossed so there is a lot of wide area on which the body is floating. Let the hips be downed and roll to a side plank, keeping it for a second.

Keeping the stomach tight, roll back and out towards the other side. This helps with the abdomen burning excessive flab and fat steady and fast. Try 10 times alternatively for 3 reps for beginning.

6. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches burn fat faster than any other abdomen exercises. It not only requires balancing the body well but also twists and turns that burn side fat and keeps the glutes firm. To start off, lie on a foam mat with arms behind the neck. Make sure not to bend the neck while raising it as it might cause a painful sprain. Pull the knees back alternatively at first then while continuing, touch the knees to the alternate elbows.

This requires the hips to twist deeper causing the fat to heat up and burn faster. Make sure to perform this exercise slowly as muscle aches and sprains for beginners is a common issue.

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