“Fitness is a major part of any sport today whether it is skill-oriented or endurance-oriented. If you have right kind of food and supplement it with training, you can get much more out of yourself, both in physical and mental aspects. Enjoying life is important, but as an athlete you need to know what things you can’t do that your friends & family can” – M.S DHONI.

The all rounder cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni is very concerned about his fitness and also the fitness of his team. He always makes sure that he and his team never misses the exercise. He always keeps a check on his diet and avoid junk food.

Nutritional preferences

1. Avoids food with fats

2. Drinks fresh juice instead of soda or and other soft drink

3. Adds milk to his diet in the form of yogurt

Diet preferences

1. Breakfast: Milk, porridge with fruits and nuts

2. Lunch: Salad, dal with chapatti and chicken for protein (He loves butter chicken!)

3. Evening snacks: chicken sandwich and yogurt

4. Dinner: chapatti, chicken, salad and fruits

5. During match: only protein drinks and fresh juice

Dhoni is concerned about his health and always intakes food which is healthy and which does not add on too much of calories.

Now comes the fitness exercise part. The amazing flexibility of Dhoni on ground has been achieved by too much effort. A daily five hours of exercise is what Dhoni prefers to do. The exercises which he does are-

1. Machine chest press

2. V-Grip Lateral Pull down

3. Dumbbell chest press

4. Dumbbell exercises

6. Single leg deadlift

7. Reverse lunges on bench

Besides these exercises Dhoni also does cross training, plays football and badminton. We all know how amazing he is as a footballer. That helps him in getting trained for cricket.

Every fit person has to have a lot of patience like him and of course tons of hard work has to be put in to have a fit body and give the best on ground. Dhoni has always won hearts of millions of people by his game and he is able to play it only due to his accurate fitness. So fitness every where plays a very important role.

Image Credit: 7.life

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