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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and with time, skin color favoritism is, fortunately, taking a back seat. 

As we know, skincare is for everyone, be it someone with naturally-tanned skin, or a fair complexion. And the bias for the latter comes from its racial preference over dark-skinned individuals.

However, in recent times the beauty and skincare industries are gearing towards providing the best solutions for women of all color. 

And of course, this includes the extreme spectrums such as the Albino complexion and the rich dark skin tone. 

Women and Skin Color, an Argument of Centuries

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source: https://www.history.com/topics/ancient-history/nefertiti

If we go back to history, it can become challenging to understand the world’s obsession with fair skin color. And this is because of women’s’ rich dark-skinned heritage.

For example, the Egyptian queen Nefertiti’s skin tone has been a continuous point of debate on colorism. While various movies and modern pictorial depictions paint her lightly, Nefertiti by her heritage was a woman of color. 

And in modern times, such heated debates have become successful in removing the need to whitewash dark skin-tones for a more “acceptable” view. 

Women and Skin Color: A Skincare Journey

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Skincare is not just about beauty, but also nourishment and health. Meaning, every woman with their skin tone requires the proper derma-care. 

These would include using the right natural or cosmetic products and eating the right food for healthy skin. And of course, understanding that every skin tone is beautiful, rich, and glamourous. 

And with women embracing the skin tone that is their own, societal changes, deserving acceptance, and anti-racial revolution are following suit. 


Responsibility As We Women?

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We as women have a plethora of options while choosing skin care products. We should be conscious about choosing products that do not promote skin tone bias.

  • Products being marketed with words such as ‘fair’, ‘lightening’ and ‘whitening’, should be the first ones to get filtered out.
  • Understand your skin and the care it requires without blindly falling into the marketing traps promoted under ‘fair skin’ labels.
  • Always check the label for ingredients to understand the product better. Beauty and cosmetic products especially have tremendous impacts on our mindsets.


How Big Names In the Industry Are Reckoning Skin Tones?

Major cosmetic market leaders have pitched in and changed their product identities revolving around ‘dark to fair’ skin color. Recently Loreal has announced it would remove words like ‘fair,’ ‘light,’ and ‘whitening’ from marketing skin-tone products.

Not only Loreal, but a lot of beauty and cosmetic leaders have understood the impact this terminology creates. It promotes division, racism, and customer choices are impacted emotionally.

We as women, let’s be the torchbearers of this change. Let us be responsible to spread the message of not skincare and not skin tone is what matters. Even a small dent in this mindset of cosmetic and beauty companies can bring great results and free us of the shackles of long drawn concepts of racism.


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