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Winter face masks are what we shall need to make sure our faces are supple, soft, and well-moisturized. Of course, the home-made way would be the best. 

Home-made face masks are all about natural ingredients and cannot harm your skin. 

Moreover, the 2020 winter might be a bit more dangerous than the ones before. Not only due to the pandemic, but also the rising air pollution levels. 

Air pollution is becoming a crucial reason for various skin problems. These would be aging skin, dry patches, psoriasis, and more. 

So how to keep away such issues? Let us find out:


Curd and Honey Face Mask

Winter Face Masks

The lactic acid in curd can be very helpful in removing dead cells off your skin. And with honey’s natural moisture lock capabilities, your skin will feel moisturized and soft after the treatment. 

You can also add some turmeric powder into the mix to get rid of your acne problems. 


Coffee and Cocoa Mask

Winter face masks Coffee and cocoa Athelio

Coffee and cocoa masks are brightening and can reduce the dullness of the skin. Moreover, coffee can also improve your blood flow and help you maintain a radiant skin tone. 

You shall need to add a bit of honey for softness and milk to bind it all together. What is more, these can even help your face feel as smooth as silk. 


Rice Flour Face Mask

Riceflour Athelio

The ferulic acid and allantoin in rice play the role of natural sunscreen. Meaning, they can soothe sunburns and other skin inflammations.

You can also add some oatmeals to cleanse out your pores, and honey to smoothen out your skin texture. 


Banana and Milk Face Pack

Bananaface Athelio

Banana and milk would be the best combo for dry skin. While banana helps to remove dead cells, the milk can moisturize your skin and clarify your face. 

If you have combination skin (dry + oily) skin, a bit of rosewater can help your face glow!


Carrot and Honey

Carrotface Athelio

Quite an odd combination, but it can even out your skin texture. While the beta carotene in carrots can brighten your dull skin, the honey can lock-in the moisture. 

So which shall be your favorite winter face masks?

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