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During the lockdown, Pilates workouts are a great way of maintaining a fit and healthy body. 

These are resistance-based workouts, on semi-automatic Pilates machines, designed for an overall whole-body workout. 

Moreover, these are low-impact workouts that are beneficial in burning a steady amount of fat after every session. 

The best part, pilates workouts are fun! It is unique and can help you reduce abdominal, waist, and hip-region fats all through 1 simple piece of equipment. 

And this equipment can improve your body’s flexibility, fitness, and help you enjoy your workout routine to the max. 

So let us today, learn about the benefits of the working out on the revolutionary Pilates machine:

Pilates Workouts Improves Posture 

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source: https://www.matherhospital.org/weight-loss-matters/pilates-reformer-2/

As the WFH-base has become a norm, you might find yourself slumping in front of the screen more than before. And posture problems are an all-round hassle. 

You might feel shoulders frequently aching, or even suffering from stiff-neck syndromes.

Here, pilates helps improve your posture through an array of resistance-based exercises. Moreover, these exercises will require you to straighten your back during the sessions. 

And the best part, you’ll feel more strength and flexibility throughout your body from regular Pilates. 


Pilates Muscles are Lean, Not Bulk

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source: https://www.menshealth.com/fitness/a21095588/pilates-exercises-for-men/

While the term ‘muscular’ instantly reminds us of a bulky, strong body, muscles are more than that.

Our body’s muscles help in controlling our blood sugar, and in regular digestion. It is also vital for maintaining optimum body fat.

And with regular Pilates workout, you can build toned muscles instead of a bulk body.

And in recent times, a lean, toned body might feel more comfortable to maintain as well!


You Can Feel More Energetic from Pilates

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source: wellandgood.com/best-at-home-pilates-reformer/

While the myth is that exercises can take up energy, the right exercises however can help you feel more energetic throughout the day. 

And Pilates workout is the right method, as it can help regulate breathing patterns, steady joint movements, and muscle stimulation. 

Your body will feel more at peace post-workout sessions. And this peaceful aura can help you feel more energetic throughout the day. 

What do you think about Pilates Workouts? Do let us know!

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