Functional movements are the activities that we perform everyday like walking, bending, sitting and standing. These movements involve multiple muscles or joints. Even most of the exercises that you perform require functional movements of your body. In order to perform daily activities more efficiently you must focus on functional training. It helps your body in building strength, power and mobility for the real world activities. Let’s understand more about this

Difference between Functional training and Gym exercises

Functional training is different from the gym workouts as it focuses on training movement patterns like pushing, pulling, lifting, stepping, walking, crawling, jumping or squatting whereas gym workouts focus on training individual muscle groups like biceps, hamstrings, quads etc.
Also, functional training is designed in such a way that they pertain to human movements on a broad daily scale. Human movement doesn’t comprise of only one muscle group while performing activities instead coordination between multiple muscles takes place.

Benefits of functional training

1. It improves your overall functionality, endurance, muscle strength and body stability making your everyday life simple.

2. It is low impact, easy to perform and relieves you of your common ailments.

3. It enhances your muscle activity and makes it more responsive and fast for your daily activity.

4. Functional training encompasses exercises that involve stretching rather than bulking so this can work as a warm up session too enhancing you muscles before you even try to build them.

5. Functional training helps you to drive off those crazy joint pains. It restores your body with the will it was designed to function with. It relieves you against those chronic, neck, back and joint pain.

6. Your body is trained to handle stress easy reducing the risk of any injury it may encounter.

Functional Exercises that you can perform

1. Dumbbell lunges

2. Single arm dumbbell row

3. Yoga squat

4. Turkish getup

5. Side lunge with reach

6. Warmup with dumbbells

7. Kettlebell Snatch

8. Ball push ups

The overall aim of any exercise is to make you feel healthy and fit whether it happens over a gym routine or a home work out of functional fitness. So choose your workout yourself according to your body type for better results.

Image Credits : Yogajournal, Robustclub, Fitwirr, Popsugar, Gymbuilder

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