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We all need the “sunshine vitamin” in our life. And why exactly do we need it, is what this article is all about. It is produced by your skin in response to sunlight. It includes a family of vitamins namely D-1, D-2, and D-3. This process is natural when you’re exposed to the sunlight. While some food and supplements can also ensure the availability in your body.

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It has a lot of benefits and is also important for your body. It helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, these, in turn, will make your bones and teeth strong, increase growth and resistance to certain diseases.

If you don’t have these in normal amounts you might get soft or fragile bones. Three great benefits of vitamin D are:

1. It fights against disease:

It reduces your risk of numbness of feet, difficulty in balancing and difficulty in vision. These are symptoms of multiple sclerosis. It also reduces chances of heart risk and keeps you away from the flu.

2. It lowers depression:

It plays a very important role in mood regulation and taking away depression. Studies have proved these in some of the people with depression. It keeps you happy while staying healthy.

3. Increases weight loss process:

Vitamin D is a great way to help you lose those fat accumulated in you. While there are some scientists who have proved that vitamin D can definitely help in lowering of appetite.

Reason for Vitamin D Deficiency

There are people who get affected due to deficiency. These deficiencies occur in people when they are in high pollution area or have applied sunscreen or have darker skin. It is seen that due to dark skin, the melanin production is much higher and it lowers the absorption of vitamin D.

Hence apart from sunlight, one should engage in various other ways to acquire them. The symptoms seen are tiredness, a general feeling of illness, can’t get up from a place due to weak bones, fractures in your legs and arms.

However, these can be identified by simple blood tests and if you are detected with deficiency, an X-ray will be recommended to see the strength of your bones. Also taking vitamin D supplements will help reduce this deficiency.

Sources of Vitamin D

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There are various food items such as shrimp, milk, yogurt, orange juice, fatty fish that you can take in your diet to fulfill the Vitamin D requirement of your body.

As anything in excess can create danger in a similar way only an adequate amount of this vitamin D is required by your body. Be sure not to take extra supplements and increase other risks that might affect your body. Its always good to see your physician before taking any of the artificial sources of Vitamin D.

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