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Vitamin-D is slowly becoming a vital requirement to protect our bodies against COVID19. This sunshine vitamin is not only for optimum immunity but also for complete survival. 

Most importantly, Vitamin-D helps reduce a C-reactive protein, which, in excess in our bloodstream can cause untimely death. Meaning, Vitamin-D reduces the inflammatory protein and increases the immune cell, lymphocytes

These a type of white blood cells, crucial for our immunity, and can help reduce the chances of death from COVID19. 

So, what are the importance of this vitamin? Let us find out!


Vitamin-D Boosts Calcium Absorption



Vitamin-D can help your bones absorb the calcium from your daily meals. As we age, our bones tend to deteriorate with time. 

With vitamin D, you can reduce the risk of joint aches or fractures. While there are medications available, it can help reduce doctor visits and social interactions which lead to COVID19 risks. 


Improves Heart and Respiratory Health

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While in other years, there is an encouragement to go out in the sun during winters, you might have to stay in for this year. 

Vitamin D absorption from the sun is not only good for your bones but also for your heart. And this is possible through its ability to high blood pressure and cardiovascular ailments

Covid19’s target fear would be heart healthy. Meaning, you should always be careful about what you are eating and your smoking habits. 

Moreover, the vitamin’s benefits for your respiratory system can help to keep you away from contacting cough, cold, or even the COVID virus. 

According to studies, you can even reduce your chances of the common flu by having the D vitamin. 


Is Good for Your Mood

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While the at-home stay can be mundane, and can even affect your mood. And a bad mood for a prolonged period, adding to increased work pressure, can be one of the reasons for depression. 

Now depression and heart health are connected. Not only does stress and prolonged depression have detrimental effects on immunity, but also through habits.

Increased stress-eating can affect your heart, and smoking can destroy your respiratory system.

However, this vitamin helps provide a burst of good mood, helps the body and mind stay calm and healthy. Meaning lesser worry and stress. 

In conclusion, Vitamin D might be the right solution to combating COVID19. 

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