Why Sun Light Is Important For Your Health

The term. ‘sunny’ instantly creates a refreshing mood to go out, rejuvenate and enjoy life to the fullest. While too much sunlight is harmful for the skin in present times, you can always restrict your exposure to the lights in moderation in order to let the advantages of sunlight to goof to you. Always keep sunscreen cream and sunglasses in an outing so the lights don’t affect vision or the health adversely.

Here are the few reasons we should let our bodies absorb sunlight:

Serotonin and Sunlight

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When exposed to sun’s rays, say during a morning walk, serotonin, a certain hormone is discharged by the brain which helps the mind focus, stay calm and calculated, all while pushing back negativities such as depression, mood swings or anxiety. Serotonin works like a mood lifter which is much required during cloudy days or winter.

More the amount of serotonin hormones in the body, happier a person can be, not to forget, concentrated on their goals. Through the lack of serotonin from cloudy days or being in dark for prolonged period of time, can lead to feeling lazy, fatigued and unmotivated. So it is always better for you to catch up with the sun.

Sunlight and Mental Health

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Serotonin levels in the system plays a vital role in seasonal depression such as on the short days of winter. Due to the decreased amount of exposure to the sun due to the time-span of daytime during winter, serotonin formation in the body does not equate to the amount needed to keep depression or mood swings at bay.

It has been found that the sun light penetrate the eye and triggers the retina to let the hormone flow through the body. It is almost as if a non-depressant pill has been ingested to flush out the feelings of fatigue or disinterest. What can be done is to buy a light box to perform photo-therapy at home. Keeping a lava lamp in the room also has soothing effects.

Sunlight and Physical Benefits

The sun does not shade away when it comes to giving its all to protecting out bodies. Surely too much UV rays can be harmful but exposure in moderation hurts no one. Following are the benefits of sunlight for the body:

1. Well-Build Bones- With more and more apartments taking up the aerial space, both in urban and rural areas, it is almost impossible to allow adequate sun-rays to produce vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D is vital keep the bones strong and drift the bones from contacting osteoporosis and rickets.

Soft bones syndrome, similar to rickets is due to the deprivation of sunlight that causes the bones to be weak and brittle. This mostly affects women as they cover most of the body in clothes while in sunlight. Vitamin D is essential to build better bone density.

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2. Prevent Cancer- Vitamin D also contributes to reduction of risk at having cancer. It has influential effects on healing breast and ovarian cancer. Prostate and colon cancer can be prevented through sun-rays providing adequate amount of vitamin D. United States have the gradually decreasing amount of decreased cancer risk on mentioned parts of the body due to better amount of run-rays and open spaces.

3. Skin Healing Properties- The epidermal or outer layer of the skin has varying melanin pigments for different individuals which protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. As we grow older, the skin loses this immunity to prolonged harsh rays. But moderated exposure to the sun clears the skin off acne, boils and psoriasis and lets a healthy shield protect the outer layer properly.

Moderation in Needing Sunlight

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Timing the exposure is important for the body. During 12 pm, the sun-rays hit us directly from above, this is the harshest of the rays that can hit us throughout the day, causing skin to feel burnt and sweat formation to cause outbreaks on the skin. The sun-rays around dawn and evening are refreshing and calmer. If we time our exposures well, thew beneficial adequacies of being in the sun can be achieved.

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