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Winter has finally arrived, which means the need for physical warmth is at an all-time high. We have discussed before how workouts can help to keep the body amidst the chilly breeze. Surprisingly, adding steam room relaxation does improve comfort.

We know steam rooms to be just an hour of relaxation and fat-loss, but in reality, the health benefits from this heated room are somewhat unknown to many.

Let us look into these benefits which provide our body and mind, rejuvenation and peace. Here are the different functions of a steam room.

1. Relax After Workout

Relax Post Workout Athelio Com

Our bodies go through a lot of strain and work during exercises. Our muscles face wear and tear from weight-lifting and many other kinds of workouts. In order to soothe these stiff muscles and the entire body, a steam room visit is always helpful. The heat quickens the healing process and relaxes the entire body after a strenuous regime, helping you feel rested and more flexible.

2. Flushes Out Toxins

Our bodies are already dirty after a tough regime from the sweat. This is where steam bath comes in. A 30 minutes relaxation helps clean up the body and release impurities off the skin through sweating. You will feel relaxed and thoroughly cleaned after half an hour sitting.

3. Cleans the Skin

Clean Skin Athelio Com

Steam bath helps in better blood circulation that in turn, provides a healthy glow to the skin. Skin problems such as acne and zits which are common occurrences from residual sweat and dust are lessened as the steam cleans out the skin, making it feel fresh and dewy.

4. Helps with Sinus

Winter breeze and dryness leads to the dirt inside our noses to solidify and prevent proper respiration. At the steam room, the mucus is thinned and thus can be cleaned out properly. If you’re suffering from the cold, steam room is the place to be as it helps relieve the feverish shivers and soothes you from the sickness.

5. Helps Shedding Excess Weight

Weight Loss Athelio Com

Most of our excess weight comes from the body’s extra water content. Water retention is problematic but frequenting the steam room helps for the better. A perfect blend of balanced food intake, proper exercise, and frequent steam room visit can help tone up the body and get rid of the stubborn flab.

6. Stress-Buster

Our bodies are mostly tensed up as much as the mind from the excess amount of responsibilities and chores we take up in a day. 30 minutes in the steam room, our bodies produce ‘happy hormones’ or endorphins which help us to feel at peace, relaxed and slightly euphoric. This helps to relieve tension and clears out the mind for a new day.

This winter, pamper yourself in the warmth of a steam room and come out a new you.


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