I’m sure you must have been listening a lot about probiotics in your health-conscious circles, lately. it might sound like a temporary fascination of people for something different but the science behind the benefits of probiotics for women is just incredible. For women in any stage of life, probiotics could help in numerous ways ranging from preventing yeast infections to postmenopausal osteoporosis.

Here are four reason for which women of all ages should consider a probiotic regimen:

Lower chances of chronic yeast infections

Most women have experienced yeast infection at least once in their life and know how unpleasant it is. Unbearable itching, burning sensation and a thick discharge. Some women are unlucky enough to face repeated chronic yeast infections and the reason behind it is presence of bacteria in their vaginal canal.

Woman’s vagina, just like gut has a microbiome of good and bad bacterias. Good bacteria like lactobacillus, helps in regulating the pH levels and amount of yeast in vagina. However, if amount of this good bacteria reduces, it makes condition favorable for yeast infection. There could be any reason for decrease in the levels of good bacteria like- everyday medication, use of general antibiotics or increased estrogen levels.

There’s a simple solution for this. Daily intake of a probiotic supplement has shown promising results in not only curing the yeast infections but also preventing the possible future occurrences.

Fights agains Osteoporosis

Post menopause, women face lot of difficult health issues like night sweats, frequent mood swings, slowing metabolism and weight gain. However, most serious issue among them is almost 20% drop in bone density which increases the chance of developing osteoporosis that can lead to serious injuries.

According to experts, daily intake of probiotics can slow down the loss of bone density and thus reduce the chances of osteoporosis. A study conducted by Emory University and Georgia state says that loss of estrogen during menopause increases the permeability of gut thereby making it easier for bacteria to trigger an immune response that leads to depletion of bone density.

Preventing group B strep during pregnancy

All pregnant women are tested for group B streptococcus, a strain of bacteria found in vagina or rectum of almost 25% of otherwise healthy women. This test is a part of routine pregnancy check-up because babies born to infected mother have higher chances of critical illness like pneumonia and meningitis in their first week of life. Although traditional treatment is a simple- round of IV antibiotics during labor but it can have repercussions  like gut microbiome imbalance of both mother and baby.

According to researchers from China Medical University daily intake of probiotic supplement can not only minimise the chances of group B strep but also has the potential to reverse a positive group B strep test.

Boosts good bacteria during breastfeeding

Breastfeeding has numerous effects both on mother and child. Breastmilk plays a key role in developing baby’s microbiome. According to a study breastfeeding particularly accounts for 30% of baby’s gut bacteria. Presence of good bacteria in baby’s gut prevents microbes from entering the bloodstream through digestive tract and stopping number of serious health issues. It has been proven scientifically that taking a probiotic supplement makes mother’s milk to have right balance of nutrients in order to properly nurture her baby’s gut microbiome.

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