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Paraben-free skin care has become a rage not due to a trend, but for the sake of our skin’s health as it leads to various cancerous risks for our bodies.

You will find parabens in skin care products and pharmaceutical creams. And this is as it plays the role of preservatives to kill microorganisms. Moreover, it also helps your skin feel moisturized.

However, with rising public caution we now understand that maybe it is not the best for our skin. Multiple studies suggest that this antibacterial acid might be deteriorating our bodies. 

And these studies prove its responsibility in breast and testicular cancer, as well as diminished sperm counts in men. 

Similar studies also revealed that breast tumors due to parabens are cancerous and can be fatal for women.

So is the skin-care industry adapting to paraben-free living? Absolutely. 


How Paraben-Free Products are Becoming More Popular



While paraben encourages the growth of cancerous cells, new and improved paraben-free formulae provide reassurance to cautious customers. 

And this is as the antibacterial acid mimics the human estrogen hormone, causing disbalance in the hormonal system. 

Estrogen helps in breast cell division. Here, paraben can halt the process, worsen the condition, and lead to breast cancer. 

Meaning, its long-term usage can be detrimental to all humans, leading to an untimely death. 

And this is how the paraben-free skincare lines are gaining more traction among the mass population.

Not only are they safe to use, but also affordable in the long run. And we are not talking about product prices. 

In the long run, you can cut down on the emergency medical cost by using more paraben-free products for your skincare routine. 


What are the Most Popular Paraben-Free Products?


If you wish to go paraben-free, you are in luck! The skincare market now offers all your daily derma-needs in paraben-free versions, such as:

  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Moisturizers
  • Lotions
  • Hair and body oil
  • Gel and cream body washes
  • Body scrubs
  • Cleansers
  • Lip balms, and more!

These are safe to use, cost-effective, and can help you stay safer in the long run. 

Paraben-free skincare is in. So are you ready for it?

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