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The menstrual product market is becoming more efficient, user-friendly, as well as organic for our benefits. They are taking over the traditional market.

A woman gets their period for 5 days, after every 28 days. Meaning, there are the first 3 days of heavy blood discharge, with moderate to light flow during the last 2 days.

And during this time, the right product can make it easier for you to combat the cramp-laden period. So today, we shall rank the safest menstrual products, ranked from worst, to the best. 



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Tampons are nifty, effective, and help women stay active throughout the day. They remove the uncomfortable wetness. However, compared to a sanitary pad it is relatively expensive and needs frequent changing within 1 day. 

Tampons, while being comfortable for moderate flow, can be a challenge on heavy days. 


Cloth Pads

Cloth pads were rather the most common method of sanitation during menstruation for more than a decade. These were sewn cloths, used by women during their monthly cycles.

As a menstrual product, cloth products have more cons than pros.  

While cloth pads are reusable, eco-friendly, and can last for around 3 years, it can be too high-maintenance. You shall need to wash it thoroughly after every use. 

Moreover, you will also need to dry it in the sun to kill off any residual bacteria. And that is not all, as cotton pads can be uncomfortable during your heavy flow days. 


Bio-Degradable Sanitary Pads

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Bio-degradable pads have become a go-to option for women all around the world. Unlike already existing sanitary napkins, biodegradable pads do not contain any dioxins

Dioxins are highly toxic and can cause various potential health risks for women through prolonged usage.

Instead, these organic pads use safe and natural fibers from banana trees, cotton, corn, and bamboo plants. They are comfortable, safe, and bleach-free. 

Moreover, they do not irritate and are rash-free. They do not promote fragrant pads which come from dangerous chemicals and are soft to the skin. 


Menstrual Cup

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The best thing about menstrual cups is that once you start using it, there shall be no desire to go back. These are comfortable, reusable, smell-free, safe, and can make your period smooth-sailing. 

These are 100% comfortable, with sizes varying according to your age. Additionally, these are medical-grade silicone cups that do not react to your skin. Meaning, there are no rashes, itches, or even allergic reactions to menstrual cups. 

Moreover, these cups last over 5 years, to a maximum of 7 years if you retain their quality through proper cleaning techniques. 

In conclusion, menstrual cups are the best menstrual products on which you can rely to help you. So, what shall be your favorite product for your flow? Do let us know!

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