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There is more than one reason for belly fat, and it is not always excessive food intake.

Your hormonal balance, work/personal stress, and even genetics play a vital role in having a flabby tummy. 

However, you can utilize one fool-proof way to control your tummy flat, eating right.

And eating is not the main cause of weight gain, it is definitely one of the best ways you can balance your stomach flab. 

And it is super simple too!

Let us check out which foods serve the best benefits when it comes to tummy fat reduction:


Green Tea

Greentea Athelio

This fragrant cup of tea is the best for your morning energy boost, as well as for weight loss. 

When you sip your morning green tea, you are receiving a kind of anti-oxidant, known as catechins,. Catechins are effective in boosting your metabolism and helping you burn excess fat. 

Moreover, there is little to no calories in green tea. So you can even add honey as sweetener, instead of sugar for taste.


Citrus Fruits

Citrus Athelio

Citrus is more than just limes and oranges. 

You can try out grapefruits, clementine, and more, for a tangy citrus taste. 

The best thing about citrus is that it has little to no calories. Additionally, it is rich in fiber. 

For example, a cup of orange juice contains about 4 grams of fiber. 

And what fiber does is, fill your tummy quickly, and burns slowly, helping you with energy hence in the reduction of belly fat

Fiber is beneficial for your digestive health and helps you burn tonnes of calories through workouts or even simple housework. 


Greek Yogurt

Greekyogurt Athelio

Greek yogurt is delicious, smooth, creamy, and can boost your metabolism through its balanced protein and carb contents. 

And due to its carbohydrates and protein, it can help you feel fuller, for longer. 

Moreover, the fibrous nature of Greek yogurt is best to help lose excess pounds. 

Additionally, Greek yogurt has rich probiotics content which is a good bacteria that helps improve your gut. 

The best part, you can have it with other fat-burning foods such as berries! 


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