Out of all the training regimes, working with weights is one of the most efficient ways to gain muscle. Unlike older days, one has a freedom to either choose traditional weightlifting in gyms or to follow a more structured program like CrossFit.

The similarity, the difference

Although both the programs have same fundamental of working with weights, they differ in intensity. In a typical gym you’d majorly be working with weights, barbells and dumbells however, CrossFIt is a more structured and intense workout. You’ll find sandbags, kettlebells, iron balls, tractor tires, plyo boxes etc in a CrossFit environment.

CrossFit: Pros and Cons

Crossfit is an intense method. You’ll have to perform repetitions of exercises that require burst of power and energy. As fast as they burn calorie, they are exhausting too. One advantage that Crossfit has over traditional weightlifting is the community
that comes with following the program.

There are devoted group of people that offer tips and support for fellow members. However, your body becomes more vulnerable towards injuries while pushing yourself to do variety of movements. One consequence of going too far with Crossfit is a condition called rhabdomyolysis– A lethal condition in which your muscle cells explode, secrete a protein called myoglobin and your kidneys get under a lot of pressure to clear these proteins.

Weightlifting: Pros and Cons

Biggest benefit that comes with traditional weight training is the flexibility to choose your own pace and intensity. Wether, you are just starting or trying to recover from an injury, you can start slowly with light free weights.

You can also use light weights if your goal is to gain lean muscle mass. However, if you are looking to gain muscle mass, you won’t build it as quickly with traditional weight training as you will with CrossFit.

What suits you ?

In order to decide which fitness regime would work for you, take help of your doctor. Certain medical conditions or past injuries might make CrossFit risky for you.

If you decide to opt for Crossfit, it is recommended to work with a personal trainer first. He can help you build strength, flexibility, endurance that you’d need to follow the program without getting injured.

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