What To Eat Pre And Post Workout Athelio

How we plan our food-intake, completely baffles me. Whereas we are so aware of what to put in our bodies, none of us shies away from the junk-food lust.

But with a small amount of effort, everything can be turned around. Looking into a few meal planning and diet charts, I’ve found a perfect combination meal that caters to the body’s needs before and after the workout.

Let’s look into the details.

Meal Prep Before Workout

1. Avocado and Multigrain toast

Avocado And Multigrain Toast Athelio

This is a simple breakfast idea which requires lesser prep time than a fully cooked meal.
Its simple, healthy and provides enough energy for an hour of training.

2. Yogurt with Freshly Sliced fruits

Yogurt with Freshly Sliced fruits athelio

This chilled wonder re-energizes the body. a few chunks of fresh cut apples, berries, and bananas to Greek yogurt is satisfying and filling to the stomach. Add a dash of honey for a smooth and sweet taste.

3. Dark chocolate and blackberry smoothie

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a glass of rich dark chocolate with bits of blackberries? This delicious and thick shake provides a lot of energy to burn on days taking up cardio and abs workout. Adding in some sliced bananas gives a smooth texture.

Meal Preps After Workout

1. Grilled Salmon with Sauteed veggies

Grilled Salmon With Sauteed Veggies Athelio

This dish is rich with omega 3 fatty acids and nutrition from the fish and vegetables. The dish works well as post-workout brunch as well as a meal in itself.

2. Peanut Butter Sandwich with sliced bananas

This crunchy and sweet little dish provides ample nutrition and satisfaction to last a good few hours. Opt for the crunchier peanut butter to compliment the smooth texture of the banana.

3. Granola with milk and honey

This simple meal of granola with chilled milk and a few sprinkles of honey can so immensely healthy. With rich contents of fiber and calcium, your body will receive back the ample amount of energy it has lost while exercising.

Granola With Milk And Honey Athelio

These are simple meals which don’t require brainstorming or heading out for extra ingredients. So hurry up and get yourself a brand new meal planning.

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