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It has been a year since the coronavirus pandemic, and we finally have covid vaccine shots for protection. While there is excitement, speculation, and doubts throughout, the vaccine is a sure-shot way to help our bodies fight this much-dreaded infection. 

At present, we have Covisheild, Covaxin, and Sputnik V available for jabs. Now, the crucial thing to know before taking your first jab is to stay versed with the post-vaccine activities. The vaccines help trigger immune responses to the infection and reduce the risks of getting ill. Therefore, it is essential to follow some steps so that your vaccine works on your body from day 1.


Things to Do Post Covid-19 Vaccine

  • Seat yourself for 10-15 minutes to have the health workers monitor side effects if any. Side effects include dizziness, nausea, and allergic reaction. 
  • Try to calm your mind and body, and do some breathing exercises to alleviate any panic attacks. It can help keep fear at bay. 
  • After returning home, drink plenty of water, and get 6-8 hours of sleep. 
  • Ask for some days off from work, and take plenty of rest. Avoid heavy tasks that can tire you out. 
  • Soothing the shot arm is quick and takes little to no time. You can place a calming cool cloth or even an ice pack in the sore area. 
  • Stay away from alcohol at all costs. It can dehydrate you quickly and is not an overall healthy option. 
  • Eat plenty of vegetables, lean meat, fruits, and healthy meals. These are food products that can boost your immunity through a well-working metabolism. 
  • Keep your eyes out for the side-effects such as mild fever, body aches, muscle pain, headaches, and so on. 
  • Contact your doctor to know if you can take paracetamol for these side effects, and follow the prescription. 

By taking the correct steps after your 1st covid vaccine shot, you can improve its effects on your system. So, if you are ready for your 1st shot, prepare yourself, stay informed, and stay safe. 

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