Ketodiet Athelio

Ketogenic diet should consist of fruits, meat, and vegetables that can help you achieve Ketosis. 

Now, Ketosis is important for the ketogenic diet. It helps the body to burn stored fat instead of carbs from your daily meal intake. Moreover, keto diets are popular for their boosted health benefits. 

And this is as ketogenic diets do not discourage food intake, by helping eat the right food at the right time. 

So what are the foods you can eat while on a keto meal? Let us find out:



Cheese Athelio

You are reading it right. Cheese can be helpful while on a ketogenic diet. 

As you might have understood, the keto diet shall need you to work out on a regular. Meaning, your body needs the right amount of fat for energy. 

 And cheese contains a high amount of fat and a relatively lower carb content. Meaning, it can help you burn energy and utilize the carbs for muscles and digestive health. 



Seafood Athelio

When opting for seafood, you can add-in the ones that are rich in carbs. Carbs are the best way to build and improve lean muscles, and of course, gut health. 

Of course, you must always check the right shellfish and fish for their carb content. 

For example, while salmon is vitamin-rich, it has no carbs. However, 100g of octopus contains about 4 grams of carbs. 



Avocado Athelio

Avocados are an all-rounder for all forms of diet! You can have it as a dip, apply it on a toast, use it for dressing, and more!

These green fruits contain 9 grams of carbs per 100 ounces. 

Additionally, you can also benefit from its potassium and vitamin content which are good for balancing cholesterol. 


Dairy Meat

Eggsnchicken Athelio

Dairy meat from chicken and eggs are a great addition to your keto diet. 

While these might not contain carbs to build muscles, their rich-protein content helps preserve the muscle mass. 

Moreover, these are high in vitamin B and zinc, the latter vital for proper blood flow in the system. 

As per medical suggestions, grass-fed poultry meat fares better for your health. 

So what is your new addition to the keto diet? Do let us know!

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