Who doesn’t want a skin that gets tons of compliments? Now-a-days there are so many makeup blogs that you don’t need a real skin to earn your rewards. Makeup can just do fine too. But still, there are some obsessed people who give skin care a more important feel such that they try not using artificial products on it.

This self is actually important because your skin is made up of essential oils and degrading it with industrial products is not just a great idea.

Eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly are just some ways to achieve it. This not only energizes you for the day, but the nutrients works wonders for your skin. Apart from that there are some foods that can help you achieve a glowing skin too.


These are correctly referred as power houses of your skin. Packed with all fiber, protein, magnesium, vitamin B-6 and omega-9; they reduce skin problems like skin irritation and redness. Biotin present in them also helps in combating dry skin. You can spice them up with lentils making a power pack meal naturally anti-inflammatory, so they sooth your skin cells.

Matcha a.k.a Green Tea

This might be probably the first time you’ve heard this name; but this relative of green tea helps to hydrate your skin cells. It contains powerful antioxidants called catechins that trap all good free radicals in your skin and slows down aging process. Other than this, it has several health benefits too including boosting your metabolism and busting stress. You can mix it with your morning smoothie or as a shale too.


Heard your grandmother using this on your skin and listing out its benefits? Well all that buzz about turmeric is entirely true. It prevents you from acne, calming your skin and makes it stay clear and glowing. Other than this, it reduces stress and boosts your brainpower and fights you from inflammation. You can enjoy it with a fresh latte or mix it up with anything you want.

Skin Care is very important part of your regime. Staying physically fit is not a matter of body fitness but should improve your physical appearance too. So try these and tell us how you achieved a glowing skin.

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