Walking is the most satisfying and easy exercise because it doesn’t involve any equipments, no hype for hitting the gym and you can literally start anytime you want and for however you want.

This sounds easy, right! Now if I tell you that you can actually lose weight by walking, you should not be shocked. It was a bummer for me the first time I got to know about it. But in my opinion everything said about walking and losing weight is true. Now I’m going to tell you how to lose weight by walking.

Walk farther

The concept is simple, the farther you walk, the more calories you burn. So if you want to lose weight, walk farther. Initially when you start focus on the amount of distance you’ve walked than on your speed. Go with a goal of walking 30-60 minutes at a time and walk like this for 5 days a week.

Learn to walk fast

Now the speed with which you walk will entail the amount of calories burned. Now walking not only helps in burning insolent pizza slices but it builds your muscles too. So now when you practice walking you can walk the same amount of distance in less amount of time so you actually burn more calories as now you can walk farther.

The use of walking poles

This equipment are an option to those people who cannot walk fast but still want to burn more calories per mile. So you can employ the use to these poles and build an upper body too.

Add stairs to your list

You burn more amounts of calories when you climb stairs or hills. To be more specific, you burn 60% more calories while climbing uphill and 4% more calories per minute when you climb stairs. So try incorporating stairs or uphill climbs in your walking practice.

Adding speed intervals

You don’t have to walk with the same speeds, but try changes them to add intensity and pace. This will let you burn more calories than your usual pace and will built your ability to walk faster also. You can try running for a couple of minutes, then brisk walking and then slow walking. Repeat the same for the next set. This will make you feel the burn inside your body.

Load some extra weight

While this might not suit many people as it may strain your joints but if you can wear more weight and add some extra pounds, try doing it as it increases the amount of calories burn. But add weight in an even way to do let your body posture be disturbed.

It’s pretty difficult to change your lifestyle in just a wink of an eye. But you should start talking small steps because that will create your own story of fitness. And when workouts are this easy why not try them!

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