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Vitamin C and winter go hand in hand. Right when the light cool breeze hits your face, you know it is time to boost your immunity through an array of fruits and veggies.

The functions of this nutrient are many. Not only does it help in our tissue formations and repair, but also:

  • Heals external wounds. 
  • Helps the immune system.
  • Absorbs iron into the body.
  • improves bone health, and more!

Moreover, it is an anti-oxidant which is crucial for your heart health and overall immunity. Meaning, not only does it help to guard your cells but also is the nutrition we need like we need our winter warm coats in December. 


Why Vitamin C for Winter?

vitamin C

During the Winter season, we can catch a cold, or even suffer from a variety of ailments. With more viruses thriving during this season, it becomes riskier for our immune system. And this is where the body requires this vitamin, especially during the winter. 

It helps to shield our bodies and fortifies our immunity to fight off viruses and many other air-borne infections. 


Vitamin C Vs. Cough and Cold!

Vitamin-c-Coughing Athelio

Lung infection, cough, and cold are common during the winters. However, the 2020 Winter is like no other. 

Meaning, with the COVID-19 infection floating about, you must make sure to have foods rich in vitamin C. 


Vitamin C and Collagen

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If you are physically hurt in Winter, chances are that you can feel that pain for longer days. To alleviate, this, keep your meals full of this nutrient. By protecting your skin, you can keep out various germs and infections. 

Oranges, black currants, kiwis, broccoli, all these are the best and most affordable for daily consumption.


 Reduce Your Cholesterol 


People suffering from diabetes, or with high cholesterol are more susceptible to COVID-19. 

Fortunately, daily meals with vitamin content can reduce the cholesterol in your system, and also turn them into bile salts. 

Therefore, adding some Vitamin C-filled goodies to your daily plate.

In conclusion, from improving blood flow to keeping you away from COVID-19 fears, the role of this vitamin is vast and can help you keep away from the Winter health hassles. 

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