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Vegan recipes can be delicious, helping you cook up some scrumptious meals right before Halloween night! These are filling, healthy, and outright spooky! 

Moreover, vegan meals are safe for the kids who want some scary, sweet delicacies, and of course, some spine-chilling snacks. 

So let us look at some quick vegan tidbits recipes for your young ones at home!

Gluten-Free Spooky Cupcakes

Vegan recipes cupcakes

If scaring people were this adorable, we would never complain! These spooky cupcakes are completely vegan, healthy, and can be a hearty dessert idea for your kids at home. 

For this, you can use coconut oil and vinegar instead of eggs for blending the cupcake mix. Try out gluten-free flours as well, for a healthy touch. And of course, a bit of vegan butter and organic non-hydrogenated shortening for the buttercream frosting. 


Pumpkin Pancakes (Vegan Edition)

‘Tis the season for pumpkins. And while cupcakes, lattes, and soups are common favorites, something new can always bring in some exciting childish smiles. 

All you need to do is substitute the milk and eggs with soy milk and some rice-bran oil for the mix. And of course, a bit of pumpkin spice, cinnamon, nutmeg some keto-sugar can help seal this delicious deal. 


Sweet Potato Soup with Ginger and Carrot Vegan Recipe

Potatosoup Athelio

A soup is the most heart-warming bowl of love that your child might enjoy on a wintery night. And when you blend the sweetness of potatoes with the flavorful ginger and a hint of heat from ginger, it is perfection. 

The vegan Halloween night sweet potato soup is soul food, with the perfect blend of cashew cream, coconut milk, vegan sour cream, and of course, a sprinkle of herbs. 

You can also add in some toasted vegan bread to add that creamy crunch factor. 


Other Halloween Vegan Food Ingredients

Veganfood Athelio

Here are some healthy vegan recipes‘ ingredients that might help you brainstorm some 31st meal ideas of your own!

  • Vegetable Stock.
  • Lentils and Grains. 
  • Tofu
  • Dried Fruits. 
  • Miso paste (vegan ramen, anyone?)

You can try out a variety of meals for the week of Halloween, and have your children wanting second and third helpings every time!

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