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Vegan protein sources are crucial for plant-based diets, especially in curing inflammation, providing energy, and more! However, which ones are vegan-friendly?

This brings in the prolonged argument on whey protein. It is a protein sourced from chicken, turkey, and similar cattle animals. And while many consider it a non-vegetarian option, others take it as a vegetarian source.

And this would be due to the product being made “by” the animal, instead of “from” it. 

Now while many vegetarians consider it to be a safe product, for most vegans it is not a too popular choice. And this might be due to vegan products shunning ingredients such as honey, as it is also made “by” an animal.


What is Whey Protein?


You can say that whey protein is a major component of milk. It is what you receive from the liquid the separates curd from cheese. 

There are 3 types of whey protein available:

  • Whey isolate
  • concentrate, and
  • hydrosylate versions

And as it is low in lactose, you can digest it quicker than any other source of protein. 


What are the Natural Plant-Based Protein Sources?

There is a multitude of vegan protein sources that you shall find in the market. Based on your region and financial capacity, these are some of the popular and most-available choices.



This soy-based protein source is diverse and can help substitute non-vegan options. You can find tofu in 3 different formats.

The sifter version is best for some vegan fitness smoothies. Similarly, you can make a healthier cheese version with medium-soft tofu. 

And of course, the firmer tofu is best for stir-fries, baked, and a plain delight in soups and curries. 

Moreover, the smooth and silky texture of tofu makes it one of the most demanded plant-based protein sources in the market. 




The whole grain rolled oats are power-packed with energy and can surely help you add in your daily-fiber intake. You can have it with plain yogurt, and also opt for home-made oats and granola bar, incorporating some fresh berries for their antioxidant content.




Broccoli is a no-nonsense source of protein and can be a crucial part of most of your vegan dishes. You can have 4-5 grams of protein per cup of boiled broccoli. 

And as it is a rich source of protein, most vegan fitness enthusiasts opt for its source of energy and nutrition. 




Paneer is a high-quality protein rich in vitamin B12 and iron. While it is popular among vegetarians, paneer or cottage-cheese is slowly seeping its way into nutritious vegan diets. 


Does Vegan Whey Protein Exist?

When it comes to the vegan diet, whey protein plays a crucial role in most fitness enthusiasts. And that is due to it is easily digestible and reaches our muscles quicker. 

And according to research, whey is known to release 9 essential amino acids, which weigh in best for strength training and bodybuilding. 


What are the Vegan Whey Protein Options in India?


The vegan whey protein’s availability in India is diverse and has become a staple for fitness diets. And that is due to its balanced out production to demand ratio. 

These would be some of the notable options:

What are the Vegan Whey Protein Options Outside India?


When it comes to international whey protein brands, you are spoilt for choice:

Vegan protein sources for plant-based diets are in much-needed demand for beginners. These are nutritious, easily affordable, and available choices that can help you ingest a daily source of wellness from your meals. Are you planning to start a vegan diet? Check out our vegan beginner’s guide here.

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