In today’s busy lifestyle and extreme work load, staying fit and active all day long is a difficult task. Your day should start before you hit the snooze button of the alarm and end the way it had begun. There are situations when you wake up late and cannot go to the gym but these simple workouts would keep you fit and going for the entire day.

Brisk Walking

This is not just traditional walking but walking with fast pace. It is a combination of walking and running. If there is a garden nearby then walk bare legs on the grass for about 15 minutes. This will refresh your body and will energize your mind for the entire day.


Squats involves right foot placement, correct weight distribution between right and left leg, straight and upright chest position, elongation of hips while bending and focusing straight, with your head in line with your toes. Perform 2-3 sets with 12-15 reps.

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Jumping Jacks

This plyometric exercise is very beneficial no matter how age old this exercise is. The neurotransmitters present in your legs become inactive due to our lazy and sedentary lifestyle. A little jumping is healthy to wake up those neurotransmitters. This activates various muscle sets and increases your heart rate. Perform 8-10 reps in 2-3 sets.


No exercise is better than this to straighten your spine and stabilization of your gluteo hip area through the weight of your arms. Keep your eyes on the ground and your spine should be parallel to the ground. This utilizes a lot of muscle movement and improves back aches and pain. Perform this in 2-3 sets with keeping this position for atleast a minute. If you can hold plank position longer than a minute then do it.

Hip Bridge

The brain very actively participates in this exercise in coordinating other movements like breathing, weight distribution and foot placement. Keep your toes on the floor and start lifting your body using your pelvic girdle. Slowly lower down your body when you’re tired. Perform 2-3 sets keeping your position for atleast a minute.

These workouts will not only slide off the guilt of not going to the gym but it will also keep you active and fit for the day. This dose of 5 easy functional exercises facilitates your muscle movements in turn accelerating your heart rate keeping you happy and energetic for the day.

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