So, summers are here and everybody sweats. That’s normal. But what’s not normal is the intense body odor that accompanies you wherever you go. It breaks down your confidence and self esteem. Did you know that eating certain foods can help you get rid of your body odour? Here’s a list that can actually help you with this:

Citric fruits

So you’ve heard the benefits of citrus fruits that they are low in calorie, have high amounts of vitamin C etc. So adding on to that list is the fighting tendency of such fruits with body odor. Oranges, apples and strawberries help to combat against bad body odor presenting you with a sweet body smell.

Medicinal herbs

Fresh herbs like thyme, parsley, mint, cinnamon, cilantro, rosemary and wheatgrass juice not only dresses your foods but they work wonders for your body. If you eat a lot of onion and garlic, you’re body starts to smell such. Herbs contain chlorophyll that helps in combating body odor. Even cardamom can work you out with great smell.

The wonders of lemon and water

So you’ve had a tough day at work and you decide to go out for a drink that can help you relax. Turns out, it will but you will be accompanied by some bad body odor too. Instead of going to a club and attracting attention with your smell, attract them with the sweet body odor. This can be attained with lemon and water. This drink is not only you’re morning tonic but having it after your drinks will help you to get rid of that body smell.

Your gut health

Having a bad body odor is a sign of bad gut health. Consuming fermented tea, jasmine tea, yoghurt, fresh sauerkraut and pickles will help you to smell good all the time. Also these drinks restore the good intestinal bacteria and also aids in digestion processing your foods more easily and with less odor.

All those fibers collection

Eating a lot of processed foods can contribute to body odour. So replace such foods with a green salad, legumes and fruits. Eating a lot of raw vegetables like carrots, peppers, baby kale, spinach and cucumbers impart you with freshness all day long. Avoid eating a lot of cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli as they contain sulfur that can cause body odor.

Good proteins

Certain foods produce a lot of body odor, so eating less of them can reduce body odor produced. Beef and pork contain an amino acid carnitine that puts pressure on your intestine to break this amino acid. Enzymes like flavin monooxygenases break down this amino acid. When your body doesn’t have much of these enzymes, it starts emitting a fishy odor. Alternatives like poultry, soy and beans can be eaten in place of these foods.

When you work so hard on your fitness and body to be presentable and confident but bad body odour can deplete your confidence and repel others from you. Including such foods in your diet can make you more confident and pleasing.

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