The world has become a place where people are more fitness conscious than ever. More toned body, a long run in the treadmill to built up the stamina, the crunches to get the flat abs; from celebrities to commoners, the gym is their fitness haven. For some it is another place of visit and for some it is their happy place.

So, what do most people expect when they obtain their gym membership? Good shower place, protein shakes, free weights etc. According to many strength coaches, this minimal checklist does not break in the  monotony in the fitness routine. The gym space lacks the vision to inspire people for workout.

In luxurious spaces, the gym space is revamping and reaching heights of innovation both in terms of aesthetics and service. Gym spaces are also catering to the millenials with quirky ideas and perks for membership. The amenities in such gyms include in-house steam bath, massage on demand, in-house dietician. These seven gyms are holistic experiences to break your sweat and burn those carbs. Let us have a look at it.

1. Brooklyn Zoo, New York

The fashion city that never sleeps is also a rising fitness hub catering to millenials. This quirky gym is situated over two floors with padded mats and foam pit flooring. It is embodies the Ninja Warrior theme where trainers indulge in obstacle games and urban jungle gym. If you are a comic geek and action movie lover, this your place.

2. Turtle Bay, Hawaii

Located in the Turtle Bay Resort on the northern shores of Oahu in Hawaii, this gym has breath taking views of the exotic Hawaiian waters. The guests at the resort gets free access to this fitness centre with their stay while others have to pay a monthly fee. This space has group workout schedules of yoga, spin classes, and even Tahitian dance. Spice up the fitness at the most beautiful island in America!


3. La Belle Equipe, Paris

The city of love is quaint and is known to for its strength of character and freedom. This gym symbolizes the quality of Paris. It gives the guests a respite from the city’s hullaboo. It is an intimate space for guests where they can take part in Thai boxing classes. These classes are either private or semi-private and are offered daily. The boxing helps to built strength and inner development. The classes take place daily with a complementary freshly pressed juice. One can surely find inner peace here while burning the carbs.


4. Aqua Expeditions, Peru

Who knew that, amidst the jungles of Amazon, a cardio workout on the treadmill is possible. The Aqua Expeditions has a compact fitness centre with natural lighting and the beautiful view of the Amazon river. Take a river cruiser and head upto the resort and enjoy the Peruvian delights both in and out the gym without any fear of wildlife.


5. Illohia Omotesando, Tokyo

This intricated fitness centre in Tokyo has climbing walls which has been morphed into an art gallery. For viewers, it seems the climbers are holding picture frames and hanging from the wall. This vast space is flooded with guests,just one has to careful while climbing.

6.  Das Gym, Vienna

The gym, for many, is considered to be a place for a regimented and disciplined life. When you walk into this gym, you will feel the serious and sombreness in the air. It is considered to becoming Europe’s muscle building beach. Das Gym is adorned with motivational posters and has a mammoth grip building space. This place is all about strength and weights.

7. Third Space, London

Londoners are truly spoilt for choices with this rising chain of luxurious fitness center spread over the Tower Bridge, Soho, Canary Wharf. The members are elite and also get a private concierge. Others can pay for VIP access and get private massage chairs and the dream come true for all those who dislike sweaty gym clothes: A LAUNDERED GYM KIT by Third space.

Lets break the monotony of regular gyms and have fun while burning carbs.

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