You’re working too hard in the gym and you doing a great deal of workouts at gym, home and you are tired with your sore muscles plaguing your body. Tired muscles are no good to your body. Sore muscles are a result of lactic acid accumulation choking your levels of oxygen. So what should you do when you’re dealing with sore muscles? Not to go to the gym? While it’s difficult to workout with sore muscles, soothe tired muscles takes time to rest and repair.

It’s all about Proteins

After you workout; all you need is proteins. They act to repairs your muscle wear and tear so they make a great after workout snack. So consume a protein bar or a protein drink to help to counteract the atrocities of your workout.

No over-workout

After a strenuous workout; your body needs some time to recover. So a complete rest for 24 hours is required in order to drop your fatigue and pain. Instead go for a physically more less demanding exercises like walking and swimming.

Applying hot oils

Cold treatment is used to reduce swelling when you suffer from some wear and tear. However, if you’re complaining about sore muscles then heat is what will relieve you from tired muscles. A heating pad, heat sock or warm bath can actually make you feel better and less achy after your strenuous exercise.


Now this therapy can work wonders for you and your tensed muscles. Getting a massage from a professional will work on your most tensed muscles and after a masseuse targets them, you will feel more relaxed.

Methyl Salicylate

Applying an ointment containing methyl salicylate helps to energize and relax muscles. It creates an intense warming sensation on the skin that helps to relax your tired muscles. However, it is only used for topical application.

Aches and pains are very normal during and after a workout. Getting the right kindof help is what will help you to solve your tired muscles equations.

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