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Have your eyes been feeling more itchy and watery, lately? Chances are, that the coronavirus lockdown has been straining our eyes more, especially with the new work-from-home set-up.

You might find yourself spending more time near a screen. This, in turn, has been frequently drying out our eyes. 

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Now, while we might not be able to visit an opthalmologist right away, there are a few things you can do to soothe your eyes from the reddishness and fatigue. 

These are quick, easy, and requires some habitual practice. 

Read on to know more about them!

The One Arm Rule

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If you find yourself leaning front towards your screen, it is time to take a nudge back. 

Our laptop or desktop screens can cause eyes to go dry and itchy. And prolonged exposure to bright light is never good. 

The solution here is to measure out a distance between your eyes, and the screen. And for this, you can try to keep an arm’s distance in-between. 

You can, therefore, start by putting your palm to the screen, and straighten it out. Hence, the distance between your shoulder, and the screen, is optimally the best. 

You will find your eyes feeling more relaxed while working or watching a series, from the one-arm distance with your screen. 

The Soothing Cucumber Patch

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While this seems more like some spa-parlor activity, the cucumber eye-patch is always a soothing remedy.

This is because, the cucumber has a high-water content, which in turn, cools the under eyes, and soothes fatigue. 

And for this, you can slice off, two round cucumber slices and place them on your closed eyelids. Maintain this for 5-7 minutes while lying down on your back. 

In a week, you shall feel an improvement in your eyes, where it feels calmer and less itchy from long hours of work. 

Get Blue-Light Screen Protector Glasses

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Prolonged exposure to blue light from screens can end up damaging your vision, and cause further retinal problems. 

And with age, you might find yourself facing cataract issues.

Hence, to nip at the bud, get yourself the blue-screen protection glasses. By doing so, you can safely work with bright screens for longer. 


While these hacks can help soothe your eyes during the work-from-home status during the lockdown, you can also make sure to give your eyes ample rest. For children, you can check this article.

And for this, sleeping and 0-screen activities are the best!

What is your eye-soothing mantra? Don’t forget to share!

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