We often crave for an athletic body that turns every eye in the room towards us. In pursuit of that we start going to gym, start lifting weights, eat supplements but still are not able to satisfy ourselves with the results. Doing the right type of exercise to activate the right kind of muscle is very important. Lifting weights will help you to gain muscles but it will not tone your body.

Getting the dream athletic body is made easier with this five day exercise regime.

MONDAY: Because it’s the first day of the week it needs to be a little to bring those muscles in action. We start the workout with a little “pre-hab” regime to warm up your body and prevent injury.

SIDE LUNGES (10 on each side with a hold of 2 seconds)

LEG CRADLES (10 on each side)

GLUTE BRIDGE (10 reps)


Then continue with circuit training. Perform 3 rounds of this training consisting of


2. JUMP SQUAT (10 reps)

3. HALF KNEELING CABLE CHOP (10 on each side)

4. BALL ROTATIONAL THROW (10 on each side)

5. BURPEE (10 reps)

Perform this one round and then rest for a minute. Again continue with the same workout.

TUESDAY:  Do a 5 minute warm up of your choice. Continue with 30 minute interval workout like running, biking, burpee and then end it with a 5 minute cool down. The concept is to help your body build the stamina and endurance for your game.

WEDNESDAY: Continue with a new “pre-hab” with

1. CAT YOGA POSE (10 reps)

2. SWISS BELL LEG CURL (10 reps)

3. SIDE PLANK (10 reps on each side)

Continue with circuit training including:

1. PULL UP (10 reps)

2. GOBLET SQUAT (10 reps)

3. WALKING WITH DUMBBELLS (10 yards of coming and going)

4. PUSHUP (10 reps)


Perform 3 rounds of this training with resting period of 1 minute in between.

THURSDAY:  Start with any of the two “pre-hab” routines to improve your body’s elasticity and storing of energy. The continue with the following workout:

1. SPRINT START (5 reps)

2. 3-HURDLE DRILL (30 second reps)

3. OVER THE LINE JUMP DRILL (10 reps for first part and 30 seconds for lateral jumps)

4. 5-10-5 DRILL (10 reps)

5. LATERAL BOUND (10 on each side)

Do 3 rounds with 1 minute rest in between.

FRIDAY:  Start with any of the two “pre-hab” routines. Circuit training includes:

1. PUSHUP (30 reps)

2. HIGH BOX JUMP (10 reps)

3. ONE ARM DUMBBELL ROW (10 on each arm)

4. BURPEE (10 reps)

6. V-UP (10 reps)

Do 3 rounds with 1 minute rest in between.

While you constantly strive to improve your body, be proud of how far you have come. It takes a lot of time and dedication, even more sweat, but it is so worth it.


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