Now, when I have your attention, I must tell you this is important, very important. If you are looking to lose weight, or working out for that toned body there’s one question you must answer first. Its important to answer it with complete truth. Because, the answer that your inner voice can vouch for determines your future success in reaching that goal.

Do you want to look good or you want to feel good?

I know you’d obviously like both and it’s completely fine to think so. But, if you’re only looking to change your appearance, we can tell you that this motivation usually doesn’t last more than a few weeks. Its usually a cover-up for other issues going on in your life.

Until you start with the motivation to truly change yourself and feel good about yourself, you’ll keep on repeating the weight-loss cycle over and over again because you haven’t addressed the root cause.

So, if your answer to above question is ‘Feel good’ then you’re already rocking! List down all the reasons why you’d like to feel good and how your life would change with it. Then use each one of this reason to keep yourself motivated to achieve your goal.

Now, if your answer is look good, take breath and with lots of love, ask yourself why and keep drilling down further? Keep asking it again and again till the time you can’t find the answer. What’s the true need there? What’s the part of your should that’s crying out to be heard? Be brave and explore that.

Once you know the reason, try to overcome or fulfil that need and begin to make healthier decisions out of self-respect and self-love instead of self-hate. It takes time, awareness and effort but it’s possible.

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