“You need a set pattern of your training, the way you eat, how healthy and fit you need to be. Being fitter made me mentally stronger. It was like a direct connection.”

-Virat kohli

Beautiful physic, perfect abs and a stunning look has great hard work behind it. This article reveals the SCENE BEHIND THE HOT LOOK. The hard work, patience, sacrifices and discipline are all needed to achieve this level. A regular exercise and proper nutritional diet is what will do more of the job for you!

Virat kohli follows a strict rule for exercise and nutritional diet. He is a foodie so how does he manage to stay fit and fulfill his desire? He simply turns down his wishes to healthy items and avoid junk food. Like instead of eating fired chips he eats wheat crackers which are a good source of nutrition. This not only fulfill your wish to eat tasty things but will also reduce the amount of calories intake at the same time.

What does he intake for his muscle building? Protein be the correct answer.  Protein helps him to get the strength in his muscles and stamina to his body to blow off the balls out of the boundary line! Some of the protein filled food which he intakes are Salmons, Sushi and Lamb chops. These are his top favorite items.

He always keeps himself hydrated and fresh. And he also prefers to drink only mineral water and other kind of water may contain some harmful bacteria and he wants to stay away from the water borne diseases. This helps him to stay healthy and energetic throughout the match to hit centuries!!

A sample diet of Virat kohli: (he always prefers home cooked food)

Early morning: 1 glass of mineral water + dry fruits

Breakfast: Lamb chop hash with toast

Brunch: 1 fruit

Lunch: Salad and pink salmon

Evening: black coffee with dry fruits and nuts

Dinner: Lamb chops or sushi or pink salmon freshly cooked

“My breakfast is set…I eat an omelet. Three egg whites, one whole egg. Spinach with black pepper & cheese, some grilled bacon or smoked salmon along with it. I eat papaya or dragon fruit if it’s available, then watermelon. I eat a decent amount of cheese for good fats. I carry my own nut butters and I get gluten free bread from the hotels. And finally, a nice big pot of green tea with lemon. I drink 3-4 cups of that.”  -VIRAT KOHLI

Now talking about his fitness plan, the plan which makes him energetic and gives him the required strength to knock everyone off the field! One basic reason is his regularity towards gym and his fitness. He may compromise everything in this world but not his fitness. He is no doubt one of the fittest cricketers in India. Let’s have a look at his fitness mantra.

What kind of exercise he does?


He has got strong muscles and good body strength by a powerful combination of weights as well as the cardio exercises. The power of this combination is clearly visible by his on field by his stunning performance.

And one important point is that he does not smoke or drink alcohol because that reduces the immunity and destroys the body parts. He always stays focused on his work and never misses his exercises.

Needless to say, Virat Kohli’s hard work and dedication towards fitness paid off well and today, he is one of the fittest cricketers in the world. Not just that, as the captain of the Indian cricket team, he even keeps motivating his team members to take fitness seriously, as it will help them up their game.

Here goes the Fitness routine for Virat

1. Starts with warm up

2. 15 cardio on bike at speed of 3 and 10 stride on treadmill of 20seconds

3. Does squats upto 100 or more. Does not do upper body exercise. Only builds his lower body.

4. Uses high end equipment like high altitude mask and techno sharper for better exercise results.

5. He cross trains himself once in a while with football , badminton and tennis.

6. He does yoga to have a balance of mind and relaxation.

7. Exercises for 5 days a week and take rest for two days to avoid over exercising.

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