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Workouts are not 70% exercises and 30% diets, but a full 100% dedication. In order to reach that goal, remember the hardest part of staying fit are the before and after-sessions. Balanced food intake and after-care are a must to keep the body energized. Following are few stress-busters for a perfect training-routine pre and post-supervision.

Before Your Workout:

1. Proper Sleep Schedule

Sleeping Before Workout Athelio Com

Proper 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is vital to keep your stamina running through sprints and cardio which require insane amounts of vigor while also keeping a check on the ‘leptin’ and ‘ghrelin'(hunger hormones). Being well-rested helps in concentrating while lifting and thus leads to a safer workout. Sleeping builds up the energy meter before workout and lets the muscles and body cools down if a short nap can be taken after-sessions.

2. Water Works!

Hydrating Self Care Athelio Com

Water is essential to replenish the fluids in the body but quantity intake should be increased if one is aiming for fitness routines. It is important to keep one hydrated before, after and throughout the workout session to add back in after they sweat out. Being the one of the natural energy drinks around, 7-8 glasses of water everyday is an easy calculation to keep in mind.

3. Pre-Workout Snacks

Pre Workout Snack Athelio Com

If nothing goes in, nothing will come out, same goes for a meal to kick-start a body before sweating it out. In order for it to not make one feel filled-up, a quick light snack of eggs and toast might also do the trick. Check out these following recipes for some healthy grubs before hitting the gym.

4. Wear Red For Inner Strength

The impact of colors on one’s activity is quite intriguing. purple, light blue and pastel colors generate a calming aura, red is the color of zeal and power Wearing red to the gym instantly creates an urge to ace the sessions and compete with self-limits. Red is considered a performance booster, working wonders with those who incorporate it.

5. Warm-Up Sessions

Warm ups are mandatory to unhinge the muscles and warm up the system. It is fruitless to ignore warm ups before fitness training. Simple stretches and twists unwind the muscles for lifting and cardio. One might face injuries such as muscle strains and cramps sans warm ups. The following can be attempted for best results.

Post-Workout Care:

6. Stretching

Stretching After Workout Athelio Com

Stretching accelerates the healing process and lessens post work-out sores, hence highly recommended before leaving the gym. It lessens the stiffness of the body and loosens up the tight areas that might hinder latter movements. One should be aware that stretching exercises are quite different from warm up routines as these are well-balanced muscle soothers. Stretching are static and dynamic, former helping in unfurling the muscles. Static positions should be held for about 10-15 seconds.

7. Post-Workout Nutrition

Post Workout Snack Athelio Com

A metabolic/anabolic window is a time limit of max 45 mins. post workout where the body craves carbohydrates and proteins to reconstruct muscles and replenish glycogen. It is vital to provide the body with protein shakes or oat meals, or any of these following suggestions. Keeping a protein bar in bag is helpful to fill in the hunger pangs.

8. Cold Shower

Like stretching, cold showers accelerate the healing process of the body by calming the active muscles and soothing sores. Cold showers are beneficial not only post workout but also for health. ‘Cryotherapy‘ or ice baths aid to speeding recovery and comforting stiff muscles. professional sportsmen require cryotherapy after sessions to revitalize their energy heal faster.


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