Things That Should Not Be Done During Periods

Ladies, menstruation can be one of the challenging hurdles that keeps on coming back on a monthly. During this time, hormonal dis-balances throw our daily habits out of the window, altering our moods frequently and worse, those pesky period cramp.

Due to such sudden changes in our estrogen and testosterone hormones, we women notice changes such as our breasts swelling and craving food food at random moments of the day.

While we are cautious about the things we should do during periods, such as usage of hot water bags and bars of chocolate, we should be aware of the things to stay away from in orer to not have a negative effect on your menstrual cycle or body.

1. Give Workouts a Rest

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Even the healthiest of us lot can succumb to the period pain. Yes we are bad-ass individuals who lets nothing stand in the way. But even armors require a little polishing and rest. During periods, we tend to feel more exhausted and drained. Using the little energy we have on cardio or HIIT might stand detrimental, making us feeling more stressed and exhausted.

2. Skip on Dairy Product

Dairy products such as yogurt and cheese can increase your cramp pains, making it worse than soothing. Not to forget, saturated fat found in dairy product cause inflammation and irritation which on your initial days of heavy flow can be quite painful. So during these 5-6 days, give your body a rest from all the cheesy and milky goodies.

3. Sleep Early

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Sleep is integral in terms of recharging our bodies. When we are under the menstrual cycle, our bodies have really less energy that can be depleted easily. Good 8 hours of sleep can give us the much needed energy and zeal for the next day, specially during your period.  Lack of proper sleep can have you feeling grumpy and stressed out in the morning and even throughout the day.

4. Change Your Tampon or Pad in Small Intervals

Our period blood contains bacteria and an odor which can be quite disgusting for us to be with. More importantly, the bacteria built-up in the tampons or sanitary pads worn too long can lead to infections that harm our bodies. On the initial heavy days, not changing pads can have your dress or clothes being stained by excess flow. In such cases, carry some extra few in your bag and be sure to change within 3-4 hours of usage.

5. Do Not Go for A Breast Exam

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Due to considerable amount of changes in our hormones, our breasts tend to be more sensitive and soft, testing on which can be quite uncomfortable. Not to forget, the changes in results might not be very solid as this is not a stable time for the hormones in the body to observe.

6. Do Not Go for Unprotected Sex

For starters, our blood carry infections and germs into the body. Unprotected sex might lead to HIV transmission into our body which is by no means,a  good news, Not to forget, if your period cycle is irregular, chances are that our ovulation timing and menstrual cycle can be clashing, which might lead to pregnancy if you aren’t cautious.

7. Stay Away From Salty Food

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Even if our food craving is on an all time high during period, nothing better than being careful. Food that are deep fried tend to be heavily salted for added flavor. In such cases, the salt in your fries or burgers can increase the water retention capacity of your body, making you more bloated than what the usual menstrual cycle causes.

8. Do Not Go for Hair Removal

The skin can be extra sensitive and feel heightened amounts of pain if caused. Waxing strips and hot wax will be quite a hurtful situation during periods, making you feel irritated on your skin. In such cases, wait a week before going for an appointment so that the strips do not add to the cramping pain.

9. Do Not Smoke

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Smoking is by all means, a horrible decision and renders no useful effect on the body. Cramps can be hurting you more if you continue to smoke even on your flow days. In this case use this 5 days to to reduce and finally stop the bad habit that is doing you more harm than giving your a cool face.

10. Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine can be quite addictive as well harmful during periods. Not only do we need energy for retaining it to work during our periods, but this might constrict our blood vessels, making the cramps feel worse by the minute. Instead go for juices, smoothies and water.

There is nothing that can stop us, so in these 5 days worth a hurdle, do your most to keep yourself comfortable, safe and healthy.



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