Well workout classes are fun and a great way to stay healthy and fit. But did you ever know that those stretching, bending, twisting and weight lifting can actually serve your sex life with a major mojo. Now you can actually have fun outside the gym with that booty of yours. So these workout classes will push your sex life to the next level.


All those hip movements, arm movements, booty shaking, squats, lunges will help you to spice things up in your bedroom. All you need is some sexy song playing and there you go. I’m sure that your mate will not be disappointed.

Indoor Cycling:

An intense workout is incomplete with this regime of blasting calories and boosting of cardiovascular health. Well you will be happy to know that all your cycling efforts are not in vain as cycling in any form primes the body for sexual contact. It increases your heart rate and blood flow keeping men erect for a longer duration and in women it elevates the arousal. It also promote weight loss if done in proper manner. Ehowfitness has shared good cycling regime that will help you get most out of your indoor training program.


You might have not heard about this dance form. Barre trains your body specifically for some serious satisfying sex. It has elements of yoga, Pilates and strength training mingled with it. The intense stretching and leg workouts you do here make you a little more flexible in your bedroom.


Well this beach body CD with combined elements of muscle sculpting, yoga and Pilates. It kicks up your stamina so you can longer in bed and with all those positions it includes you gone love yourself while naked.

Vinyasa yoga:

Like all the other yogic exercises, it focuses on aligning your breath with your movements. You feel pleasure while performing this fast pace yoga and we all know that pleasure makes sex even more enjoyable. You also earn a good body image that makes you love your body even more.


Coming up new in your knowledge is the energizing class packed with rhythm and music. This exercise uses drumsticks making your workout a killer one. It provides you with ore awareness and control over your body movements which is required to create that rhythm between the sheets.


Who doesn’t like dancing to the funky hip hop beats? Certainly I do for sure. So this dance choreography instills you with body awareness and confidence in your skin. The crazy dance moves it has will make your partner fall in love with you again.

Pole Dancing:

This is certainly not new to your knowledge. Everyone knows that pole dancing improves your flexibility; strength and balance that will make you feel sexy and treasured. Well and obviously if you’re man watches you doing this, he won’t just be able to wait to take you back home.

At the end all that matters is that you balance yourself in and out and if you can make things better for your indoor settings do it.

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