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Our habits make our life. A good start will make your entire day happy. One thing I have noticed in the life of happy people they are not different from us but they do things differently.

These observations have came in my mind after stdyuing svereal biographies and closely observing the life of successful people. I am sure they will help you to get happiness back in your life.

1. Drink Warm Water

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Warm water has many advantages. Drinking a glass of warm water after waking up improves blood circulation and helps flushing toxins out of the body. A dash of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder with warm water can work wonders on your daily weight loss routine.

2. Eat Something Within 20 Minutes of Waking Up in The Morning

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It is mandatory to eat something solid within 20 minutes of waking up. Gas formation is quick if the stomach remains empty even after 8 hours of fast. Take an apple sliced or oats with banana. High fiber foods can help to make you feel full at the same time, provide proper nutrition to the body.

3. Practice Meditation

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Meditation helps with proper breathing and concentration. Most importantly, setting a time in the day to meditate helps to relieve stress. Stress can be mental as well as physical. Meditating puts the system at ease and helps in alleviating worries. Perform 10-16 minutes of meditation daily for best results.

4. Do a Yoga Session

Yoga helps to relieve physical pain and lets the body relax. Throughout the day, we are either rushing about or sitting in one place for many hours. Yoga stretches out the muscles, reduce joint pains and helps loosen up the body to help it feeling flexible and fit. 30 minutes of yoga daily will show you tremendous improvements in the system such as weight loss, stronger body, and a better mindset.

5. Eat Your Breakfast Daily

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It helps to keep you full for longer without the need for junk cravings as well as provide proper nutrition to the body that helps kickstart the system for a new morning. Remember to have a heavy breakfast so as to feel satisfied until lunchtime.

6. Prioritize Your Day with A Plan

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Always plan out your day. This lessens the stress of quick decision making and jeopardizing your schedule with anything new in the list.  Write up and memorize a routine the day before and go with it accordingly. Keeping a plan helps to sort out a day’s chores as well as slotting some free time for yourself to rest and heal up.

7. Give Yourself a Habit

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We all like doing something to spend our leisure hours. Focus on your activities and observe the one you enjoy the most. Next, make it your daily habit. This will help your brain to function differently from workload and help you concentrate on something that you genuinely enjoy.

8. Adopt a Stray

We all need love. Stray animals, on the other hand, need love and a home to warm up. Instead of buying, adopt. This way, you have a faithful furry companion as it has you, its guardian, savior, and friend. Adopt an animal from your local center or rescue animals from people who handle them in their dire times. This way, you become more responsible for another soul to depend on you.

9. Flush off Negative People

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Throughout our lives, we come across wolves in sheep clothing. Know your enemies and flush them out. This helps reducing anxiety and problems which are extra and take up too many of your energy slot. Leave the toxicity behind and aim for better bonds and self-love.

10. Sit Under the Sky

Go up on your terrace or the park, look up. The universe will fondly look back at you. You are the child of this entire unknown and magnificent system. Breathe in the sky and thank the stars for your beautiful existence.


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