Well this real life experience what we as women have gone through almost every day of our lives. You go to the store look at the perfect strapless dress and there you are in front of the mirror twirling and turning until your gaze fell upon the insolent bra fat bulge.

You get all little anxious and quickly change in the changing room and you get all depressed. Many women think that these bulges are trademarked with their bodies only when actually this is a very common girly problem.

No matter how big this problem appears to be, the good news is that there some exercises that can help you get rid of such bulges from your body. All you need to do is spice up your regime with a little of Pilates and there you are all gorgeous and charming in your own way.

Pulling straps with weight

This simple Pilates move with give you a plethora of benefits. In order to do it, first lie straight on your stomach with your legs together and you’re hands lifted away from your chest forming a T shape. Now slowly move your hands towards your hips and then lift your chest and chin up from the ground. Return back to the beginning position.

Serratus Push Ups

Start with a traditional forearm plank position, with your shoulders distance width apart. Now dip your chest towards the ground and then lift it back up. Perform reps.

Side Bends

This is a very age old Pilates move performed to get rid of those fat bulges In order to perform this, lie on the ground in a mermaid position. Now with the help and support of your arm lift your body up and bend your other arm in the direction of the first arm. Perform the same with the other arm as well.

Leg Pull Down

This Pilates move is easy yet challenging to undergo. In order to do this, first start with a flat palm plank position. Now lift one foot off the ground and keep it raised and then do the same with the other leg.

Nobody likes undesirable and awkward fat bulges on their body. It drives you off the crazy of wearing your favorite gown. But when the workouts are these easy, then who is afraid of some fat bulges?

Video Credits : Howcast

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