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Home remedies for colds can be the most effective. Moreover, these are healthier and safer options, over chugging medicines to soothe your cough. 

And with no side-effects, these remedies for the 2020 winter might be just what you need to make yourself feel snug and warm. 

Let us check out a few:


Drink Warm Liquids for Coughs


Water, even at room temperature can become too cold during winter. And drinking such water can also lead to dry coughs, sneezing, and more,

Instead, warm up your water before drinking it, and sip it every time you are thirsty. You shall feel this tepid temperature to be more soothing to your throat. 

And for the best results, you can add some tea, hot basil drops, or even make some warm soup whenever you wish to take a small chug. 


Use Hydrating Moisturizers


Winter winds can dry up your skin and lead to several problems. These would be sky skin, cracked heels, dead skin peeling off, and more.

And for these, make sure to use honey, milk, lemon, cinnamon, and many other nutritional products at home. You can make face-masks, body-exfoliators, and many other healing beauty products right inside your house. 

The best part, you can also ingest these to boost up your immunity during this winter. 


Soothing Remedies for Sore Throat


Sore throats are common during winter. And the best way to alleviate the irritation would be to utilize warm water. 

There are many ways to soothe your throat through warm water, such as:

  • Throw in a pinch of salt in one glass of warm water to gargle once a day. 
  • Add a tbsp of honey to your water for a tasty drink and soothing relief to a sore throat. 
  • Boil up some tea and add 2 drops of Tulsi drop to it. 


Exercise for Your Joints


The chilly atmosphere during winter can make your joints ache. Moreover, cold water, air, and the lack of proper warm-clothes are surely to make your arms and legs feel stiffer. 

Therefore, try some simple warm-ups that can help to reduce the stiffness in your joints. Moreover, these exercises can also warm you up from within. 

Do try these home remedies for colds, and you can stay comfy and cozy during winter!

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