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When we think about healthy foods, it is to lose excess weight. However, some of the popular choices can be too little in helping the process to shed pounds.

Sometimes we can opt for the incorrect food components to lose weight.

So let us today check out some of the most popular healthy foods for weight loss, which do not help:


High Protein Diet

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Protein diets are popular for weight loss. However, the calories in protein are more than foods with carbohydrates. And while it requires energy to burn, it can also end up as deposits when the workouts are less. 


Green Tea

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Green tea is a fan favorite when it comes to helping yourself to a calming drink. However, it alone is not enough to help in improving metabolism. 

For example, if you have green tea regularly but also indulge in fatty meals, weight loss can be challenging. 

Opt for limited calorie diets alongside your green drink for the best of both worlds. 


Packaged Fruit Drinks

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While packaged fruit juices might seem healthier than a bottle of diet coke, it is equally harmful. 

According to sources, fruit juices contain sugars and preservatives that can be potentially dangerous. Moreover, you can never be too sure about the packaging and expiry as one mistake in storage can stale the juice. 


Chillis and Peppers

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The capsaicin content in chilies and peppers can burn a limited amount of calories. Rather it can slightly improve your metabolism. 

Moreover, if you are someone with a low tolerance for spices, peppers with a high capsaicin content can cause stomach upset. 


Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil’s medium-chain triglyceride can, of course, help lose excess pounds, but not in excess. Rather daily fried food in coconut oil can have detrimental effects on your body.


Baked Food

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While baked food is healthier than fried, it can have detrimental effects. Baked cakes, pasta, and pizzas have high sugar content and trans fats.

These not only cause obesity but can be the reason for heart attacks. 


Granola Bars

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Granola bars are healthy only to an extend. This fiber and protein-rich snacks can sometimes contain enough sugar to call it a candy bar.

So what are you ditching from your healthy foods fad today?

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