These Foods You Should Avoid In Migraine Athelio

Migraines are the worst. From the intense throbs that make you wish to shut your eyes for prolonged period to head splitting aches, nothing about this headache can sum up to feeling well.

Sometimes, consumption of wrong food ingredients and certain chemicals can be triggering our migraines.
let us look into the things not to consume :

1. Caffeine

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Coffee or caffeine is always a good drink. But too much can be a bane to the peace of mind, literally. This means energy drinks, ice creams and soft fizzy sodas are also doing your head harm. On a sunny day when the mind feels heavy and pained, a cool cola might sound like heaven. But it only makes it worse. Keep a limitation to caffeine intake in order to keep migraine away.

2. Alcohol

Tyrmine in alcohol leads to migraine triggers that might not be the best thing to combat while you’re drunk.  When food such as pork and nuts and drinks such as red wine and alcohol are rich in tyramine which when over-fermented can have you hold your head from the splitting headache.

3. Tannis

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Tea, coffee, chocolate, and apple juice are rich in tannis that can shoot up the migraine pain higher. To be away, be sure to not have the favorite hot beverage in the morning, tea or coffee till migraine can be averted.

4. Nitrates and Nitrites

These are quite well known chemicals found as flavor and food enhancing elements in processed and canned meat products. Head to the farmer’s market for fresh ingredients than canned as these can trigger your migraine, seasonal or chronic, making it almost impossible to leave.

In order to reduce migraine, speak to your doctor to know best f medicines and diet regimes that should be followed to keep this problem at bay.


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