We put a lot of effort to stay & look fit and healthy. Unfortunately, we live in a country where sexual wellness is not much talked about. However, it is an integral part of humans. Love, affection and sexual well being are fundamental building blocks for relationships and individual well-being. This brings us to understand more about sex-drive or libido. It’s important as a lot of cases regarding loss of libido and reduced sperm production are being reported. Did you know foods that you have been eating daily might be responsible for such consequences? We’ve compiled a list of foods that might be decreasing your libido:

Dairy products

A lot of emphasis has been given on consuming dairy products for muscle building. However, in present era of adulteration, these cow-derived products are loaded with synthetic hormones. These artificial hormones can clash with your body’s tendency to produce natural hormones like estrogen and testosterone thereby reducing your sex drive.


We live in a society where drinking is a pre-requisite for socialising. But, alcohol impacts liver’s ability to remove excess hormones like estrogen, phytoestrogens. In fact, hormones present in the hops used to make beer can interfere with your fertility also. Moreover, alcohol is a tranquilliser that can reduce a man’s ability to achieve and maintain erection and suppress the libido.

Microwave popcorn

Obviously when you’re chilling with Netflix on, you need popcorn. But microwave popcorn contain perfluorooctanoic acid which is a endocrine disruptor driving down your testosterone levels. So instead if you need popcorn, cook those kernels the old fashioned way and chill.


Nowadays, sugar is just inevitable. Its present everywhere. This thing increases your insulin levels making you to gain fat, lose muscles and causing a drop in your testosterone levels. In men, belly fat increases estrogen level thereby reducing your libido as well as erectile dysfunction.


This amazing veggie can soothe your stomach, cure heartburn and help with coughs and congestion. Menthol present in mint is known to decrease testosterone levels. So keep a check on that too.


These low calories, full of vitamin and minerals food are not such a good friend of your sex life. There are two reasons for this – One, in order to prevent shrimps from losing their color, a compound called 4-hexyl resorcinol is applied that is highly dangerous for our male/female hormones. Second, shrimps are known to contain vibrio and E.coli bacteria which can cause food poisoning which might make you lose your libido on your sex night.

Flax seeds


These healing and healthy seeds might be a good source of omega 3 essential fatty acids but they are also a source of phytochemical called ligand. They hamper your testosterone production and might decrease your libido also. So think twice before sprinkling them on some food.

Trans Fats

Trans fats are the worst type of dietary fibres. They are by products of a process called hydrogenation. You’ll be shocked to know that these evil trans fats are available in your cookies, french-fries, pastries, vegetable oils, chips and any fast food that you drool over. These are bad because they choke your arteries due to which blood flow to your sexual organs will be less than optimal. This is itself a bad thing for your all your sexual functions.

Keeping a check on all your daily dietary needs and quantities is very important. Because fitness is not only physical, it’s mental, emotional and sexual too.


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