Aerobics, weight training, cardio, pilates might sound boring and conventional sometimes. No matter how much of a fitness enthusiast you are or how many new workouts you explore, there are always days when you think of skipping the gym. But what if I tell you, you don’t have to hit the gym today and still be able to burn those extra calories from pizza you had last night? Instead you can workout at home in a sexy and colourful manner by dancing to your favourite tunes.

Sounds fun right! Well now you can have a good time and still follow your fitness. This is why these dancing trends are on high rise. So here we present you a roomful of dances you can practice and still look in great shape.

The number one: Dancing to your favourite Bollywood and Punjabi songs

Because, obviously who hasn’t danced to sassy bolly and punjabi tunes in the shower or the bedroom. Well, I certainly have. So all you need to do is connect your phones to your speakers or switch to your favorite music channel. The beats will surely get you going. You can copy the signature steps; do bhangra, classical or anything you like. It gets your muscles moving in every direction (if you don’t believe me try watching choreographed song) and you will have the best time while getting fit.

The hot collection of hip hop

Who hasn’t watched Beyonce, JLo, or Usher burning the floor with their moves. Hip Hop dancing is known to create the most intensive workouts while dancing like those of high intensity interval training. It works with any kind of music, improving your flexibility and the coordination between your brain and rest of the body. So switch to a Step Up song and there you go.

Let’s jazz thing up

Do you struggle to get toned legs and thighs but find the leg exercises killing and tough? We are here for your rescue. The jazz dancing is all about improving flexibility, balance and a proper posture. The arm movements in jazz tone your arm muscles too. Jazz involves a lot of leaps, kicks and jumps strengthening your core also. To sum up, this form of dancing is a great combination of sexy, hot and intensive workout but in a more graceful, dramatic and amusing way complemented with a lot of muscles being toned.

The hot pole dancing

Well you might have seen videos where Jacqueline Fernandez is talking about pole dancing. Other than that, many dancers try catching it up in their performances too. So you sit on your seat and you think how hot is it to watch someone doing it. But let me tell you its fun watching but difficult doing. Pole dancing is the toughest form of dancing but offers you with great core strength, developing your muscles, improving flexibility and balance. You tone your core, arm and glutes while learning it.


Everyone has heard about this and a number of such classes are organized by professionals. It is actually a fitness program developed mainly to match the tunes of Latin American music. Its totally energetic with random movements but sweating you too. There are no particular steps to follow and you can do whatever you want like raise your hands in the air, move you bumps sideways, like whatever. Its energetic and full of live like an insane beach party.

Belly dancing

Let’s thank Shakira for bringing it to the Indian market. If you don’t know what belly dancing is watch Katrina’s dance moves. This dance form is mainly based on your coordination between footwork and movements of waist. It helps strengthening your core and is the most ideal form of dance for pregnant women easing their process of delivery.

When your exercises are fun you like doing them more often. It’s not that only gym can help you tone your body, there are other options too well versed with the same concept. Because when you can spice up your regime, you should.

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