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According to various reports, more than 44 million people struggle through mental illness. Interestingly, not more than half of them seek for treatment. Due to social stigma associated with the condition, most of them struggle for years or even decades before seeking help. Unfortunately, younger generation is least open about the idea of seeking therapy.

Anyone seeking mental therapy should be aware about which therapy is best suitable for him/her. There are various therapies available ranging from marriage therapy to art therapy. Here are they:

1. Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)

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IPT is a newer form of therapy which is generally prescribed to people suffering from life events such as divorce, death of loved one or retiring. It is used to treat mood disorders to improve a person’s relationship and social interactions. Rather than focusing on the past, IPT focuses on the current matters in someone’s life. For e.g. it might involve role playing to understand how a person could have handled things for a better outcome. It helps people to nurture their interpersonal and social skills in a monitored environment.

2. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

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CBT focuses on encouraging people to change their thought process, views and behaviour to find a solution to their problem. CBT tries to change the core beliefs and thoughts we might have about ourselves such as believing that we are inadequate or mediocre. In CBT, treatment can be customised as per patient’s addictions, phobias and anxiety levels. So, someone suffering from OCD would have different treatment plan as compared to someone battling from depression.

3. Art Therapy

Art therapy encourages people to express their thoughts in the form of drawing, painting, collages and sculpting. Patients are given a piece of art work to create. Therapist analyses the patient while he or she creates the piece. Once the art is finished the therapist would analyse the pattern, texture and colours to understand the underlying emotions.

4. Psychoeducation

Psychoeducation involves making patients (and their family) aware about their psychological conditions. It focuses on providing more information to patients about their condition, how to cope up with it and what all resources are available for their help. Psychoeducation.

Most of the patients have little or no information about the mental condition they have been diagnosed with. Psychoeducation helps them to understand what can they expect from therapy and benefits or side effects of the medication prescribed.

5. Marriage & Family Therapy

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This therapy focuses on improving relation between two individuals in a relationship or between members of a family. While dealing with a couple, therapists meet individuals first followed by meeting them together. While for families, sessions are generally held together.

Marriage & family therapists usually try to find out reasons which are responsible for behaviour that is causing conflict between the individuals and try to resolve it actively. This therapy helps you to gain better skills to cope from anxiety, depression, marital strife or trauma.

Finding right type of therapy is equally important as finding a right therapist who has a specialisation in your desired therapy. You can look for personal recommendations for finding a right therapist. One should keep in mind that no therapy is absolute magic. However, you can get relief with commited therapy sessions.


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