Considering yourself a healthy eater might make you to maintain distance from all the sauces, high calorie marinades and foods. However, eating the same salads, steamed vegetables and low calorie meals over the time makes you bland numbing your taste buds. No matter how much fitness enthusiast you are, your craving for such meals is never ending. Instead of killing your months of hard work just to satisfy your taste goblet, why not try spicing up your meals with these low calorie spices that turns your meals into a tasteful one.



This spice is known for its medicinal properties, one of them being lowering blood sugar levels by reducing the breakdown of carbohydrate while being digesting thus increasing insulin sensitivity. Not only it spices up your boring meal but its antioxidant property will also lower your blood cholesterol level.


This not only turns your flavorless food into a mouth watering one but its medicinal properties will combat common cold, lower your cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and promote a healthy heart. The distinct smell of garlic is due to the Allicin compound. So do yourself a favor and make your meal tastier and healthier by adding this spice to it


It is a common spice for Italian foods added to spice up the dishes. The active ingredient in it, capsaicin works wonders for those trying to lose weight as it leads to fat burning and decreased appetite. For the same reason this spice is an ingredient of many weight loss supplements.


Well we are aware of the advantages of this spice in Indian culture and kitchen giving the curry its specific yellow color. Its active ingredient curcumin fights with the oxidative damages in our body and accelerates the functioning of various antioxidative enzymes. Consumption of this spice reduces the risks of heart diseases, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and combats various inflammatory reactions in our body.


This spice is actively involved in energizing your cells by combating against nausea, sea sickness, reducing pain and promoting anti-inflammatory reactions in your body.

Eating nutritious and healthy foods doesn’t mean that your meals have to be without spices and sauces. Completing your low calorie meals with these spices will make your mind and body satisfied and full. So don’t hesitate of spicing your meals because when you work so hard to sweat you need to complement yourself.

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