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Intimate hygiene for women is crucial as we are at the risk of suffering various ailments. Moreover, the added taboos can cause various hassles in our daily lives. 

From menstruation to birthing, women and their intimate-care go through a lot before finding the rights ways to maintain sanitation.

Hence today, we shall discuss the myths that surround the factual basis of intimate hygiene for women. and break them one by one:


Myth: Women Should Shave Regularly


Fact: False. weekly or bi-weekly trimming is always an option. However, the pubic hairs can help keep out infectious bacterias that can risk various ailments. 

Moreover, correct and sterilized equipment is crucial for this procedure. Reusable blades, cheap shaving creams, and unknown cleaning products can potentially harm your intimate area, causing infections and more. 


Myth: One Sanitary Pad is Enough for One Day


Fact: False. This is a false theory that can cost a woman their health and even life. If you use one pad for too long, even over 10-12 hours you are exposing your skin to irritation and chemicals from the pads. Moreover, there is a risk of disturbing the pH balance of the intimate area, which can potentially harm your health. 

Instead, change your pads frequently, and check out silicon cups, tampons, and other organic and safe products for your menstruation cycle. 


Myth: Itching and Burning Sensation are Temporary

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Fact: Intimate area itching can be due to various infections. For example, inflammation, yeast infection, eczema, and more can be a few reasons for your itching. 

And there are various reasons which you should be aware of, for example:

  • Deodorants
  • Ointments
  • Creams
  • Fabric softeners
  • Soaps, and more. 

A proper check-up to detect the cause can help you stay away from what irks your sensitive skin. 

Myth: You Should Clean Your Genital Area Daily With Soap 


False: No, as most soaps contain harsh chemicals which can cause irritation and dryness on the intimate area. Moreover, the area is self-cleaning and requires proper care and sanitary steps to prevent infection and other potentially dangerous ailments. 

As a woman, we must keep our eyes out for factual details on intimate hygiene. Let us start today!

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