Our body is fighting with toxins in a very non-specified way all the time. These toxins reside in pesticides sprayed on your veggies, pollutants in the air, ingredients of the favorite junk foods or the heavy metals in which your low calorie fruits grew. Infact, foods like gluten, dairy and refined sugar is also considered to be toxic. To sum up, everything if consumed in excess amount is toxic, but small quantities of them do not even matter. For example, if you consume lots of sugar you can reach up to diabetes turning sugar to be toxic for your body. Even if you strive to safeguard yourself from toxins you can’t really escape them.

The natural detoxification process of your system

The everyday toxins present in air or water that your body inhales or absorbs naturally is tackled easily by your body. Your body is very equipped to handle such situations and have been doing this since the day you were born. So there is a long history of your body’s natural detoxification process. But you need to keep your body health, eat a balanced diet and keep yourself hydrated enough for this natural mechanism to take over the foreign pathogens. But when you do not take up a healthy lifestyle like eat more and more junk food; you put your liver and kidneys into a lot of pressure. That’s when the external cleansing has to be done.

The cleansing process

The basic difference in detox and cleanse is that a detox requires you to undertake a healthy lifestyle restricting in ways your diet functions. However, cleanse is replacing all your junkies with nutrient rich meals in order to activate the natural detoxification process. While cleansing your body you indulge yourself into more of fluids, fiber and phytonutrients obtained from fruits and vegetables. This signals your liver and kidney to take up the forgotten process of detoxification, replacing all your junk to a healthy one. You are actually giving a chance to your body to run the natural detox of your body. So cleansing can be said to be a process that stimulates the natural detoxification by providing a healthy impetus. You can strip down your sugars, carbs and fats into a more balanced one depending on your body needs. A cleanse differs from person to person depending upon respective goals.

Getting a table comprising of detox meals

Also known as detox cleanses, all you need to do is eliminate your unhealthy chow. This may sound like torture, eating all healthy fruits and drinking simple lemonades. The basic concept is that the foods don’t help to detox the body. The main mechanism is completed by your liver and kidneys. These foods just aid in the process. A detox diet is all old stuffs but a cleanse diet is spicing it up with new stuffs too.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is very important affair these days. You need to understand the signals and needs of your body throughout.

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