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2020 would be the best and most appropriate year to quit smoking. Let us face it, smoking has no benefits, and even the stress-buster fad has no value. 

So why smoke? According to various studies, those with regular smoking habits are more prone to the COVID 19 infection than non-smokers. 

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And this alone can be reason enough to give up smoking forever. 

And after you do, here is how the body gradually benefits post-quitting:

  • Within 20 minutes of you quitting, you can check your pulse on an oximeter. It shall be returning steadily to normal. 
  • And within 8 hours, your oxygen levels shall be going back to normal. You can check this as well on the oximeter. Your blood shall also have a 50% reduced amount of nicotine and carbon monoxide (CO).
  • Next, in 48 hours there shall be complete depletion of nicotine. You shall also be able to smell and taste properly. There shall also be some withdrawal syndromes post-quitting smoking.




  • And by the next 5-10 days, you shall feel calmer while also making sure to treat the withdrawal syndromes. Do not worry as this is natural. 
  • And within the next 12 weeks, you shall notice small, but impactful changes like improvement in blood circulation, increased energy, lack of withdrawal symptoms, and more!
  • And after 3 to 9 months after you have quit smoking, you will notice your frequent coughing and sneezing to be lesser. You shall also have lesser lung infections. 




  • Now within a year, you will have reduced heart disease risk by 50%. 
  • And by the next 10 years, there shall also be 50% less chance of contracting lung cancer. 
  • Finally, within 10 -15 years, your body shall be free from risks of heart diseases of any sort. 


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And during the initial stages, you can also take up certain food practices to detox your lungs from smoking. This way, your initial weeks can receive a boost to help combat the changes in your system and also improving lung health. 

So you can start today, tomorrow, or the soonest. As the first step is the most crucial when you wish to quit smoking. 

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