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A silicone cup for menstruation might be the next big revolution for women’s sanitary needs. It is easier to use and can be the best substitute for pads.

These are best for those who are latex-sensitive. And with the collective slow realization on how pads and tampons, more people are opting for the cups. 

These are cups that collect the menstrual blood, lets you sterilize the cup, and reuse. These cups are reusable for years, which is more affordable over pads every day. 

So how are silicone cups useful over all other menstrual products? Let us find out:


Lesser Need to Buy Cups


You can buy a cup once, reuse it every month and sterilize it. Meaning there is no need to buy packets of pads and tampons everyday month. 

According to research, pads individually cost more than one cup. So, you can always try out cups and see if it’s financially better as a choice. 


Zero Problems with Odor


Menstrual odor can be a bit difficult for you. Ignoring the advertisements about “what will people around you think” the odor can be uncomfortable add more irritation to the cramps

However, with menstrual cups, you can steer clear of the pungent smell and concentrate more on other things around you. 


Lesser Waste than Tampon or Pads


With the severity of issues with menstrual pads, more and more companies are looking to make pads from bamboo and other trees.

However, this is leading to a higher level of deforestation and landfill. 

Now, menstrual cups are for long-term use which results in lesser waste.


You Can Change Lesser than a Pad


Depending upon the heaviness of your flow, you can clean out your cups in lesser frequency than that of pads. 

When it comes to pads, it is advisable to dispose of one right after 2-3 hours.

However, with the silicone cup for menstruation, you can change after 10-12 hours. These are safe, easy-to-use, and can help you have a lesser issue during periods. 

You can research various brands and find the one that fits you best. And for these, size charts, materials used, and your comfort should be priorities. 

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